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Hi there,

After returning two soul beams to Azrael in The Black Throne area, I went for the third and final one. After passing the two large floating columns some monsters emerged and I killed them. After that a door opened to the tower. I entered it, save the game and quit.

Today I loaded my save and found that I'm at the beginning area of the two floating columns and both doors of the area were locked. I crossed the two floating columns again but no monsters emerged this time and I'm literally stuck in the area.

I invested nearly 20 hours into the game and I don't have any previous saves. What can I do? Is there a restart chapter option or a noclip cheat code to get me past the door? Help appreciated.
I did some research around the internet and saw that this bug isn't new. It comes from the original version and people complained about exactly the same problem almost 5-6 years ago. This bug was ignored by the devs then, and still is ignored. I expect bug-free experience from a remastered edition. not taking all the bugs which should have been fixed years ago.
I have never encountered this issue that you are decribing.

I also have this tendency to save in different slots, sortof rotating wich ones that I use.