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The impact sounds when connecting your attacks with an enemy are either missing or extremely quiet compared to every other sound effect. You can easily test this by just hitting any wall and listening for the impact sound. You can barely hear it. This is a real shame, since it takes any kind of impact feeling out of the combat system and tbh. ruins the feeling. I don't remember this ever being this way in the original.

Does anybody know of a fix for this or atleast does anybody have the same problem as I do?
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I think I got it figured out. Deleting my options.dopt under %localappdata%/Darksiders2 and letting the game recreate it fixed it since it resets all config settings to the default. The sound sliders (especially the sound effects slider) get set to maximum per default. Now the problem comes up once you turn that slider down. For some reason the impact sounds scale way harder with that slider then the normal attack sounds (the sounds death makes just hitting in the air, like his grunds and the wooshing of the scythe). Which means that once you put that slider to like 30% you can barely hear the impact sounds, but still hear the normal attack sounds fine.

My solution now is to leave the sound effect slider at around 80-90% and just turn down the overall Windows volume. So far atleast (only tested it for 30 min) my problem seems resolved, although its kinda annoying I have to use that workaround and can't use the ingame slider.

I also had the weird feeling that the volume of certain sound effects actually change over a play session, though that might just be down to my imagination.

Maybe this thread will help other people in the future aswell :)
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