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Darksiders Genesis - Patch #2


Added audio to the pet the Hellpups section in the HUB!
Enemies now display an outline if visually blocked. Added an option to toggle this on/off.
Mayhem Difficulty Mode Added.
Balance Pass Across all Difficulty Modes.
Easy multiplier: 80%→75%
Normal: No Changes
Hard multiplier: Damage 120%→150% / Health 120%→140% / Special ammo drop rate reduced by 5%
Mayhem multiplier: Damage 250% / Health 200% / Special ammo drop rate reduced by 10%
Apocalyptic multiplier: Damage 750%→1000% / Health 750%→800% / Special ammo drop rate reduced by 20%
Potion cool-down increased 5s->10s across the board, includes auto-use
Snare and Slow no longer work on bosses, and large enemies can only be slowed by upgraded Caltrops.
Strife Special Ammo Consumption
Charge/Gravity shot capacity doubled
Gravity Shot damage per tick increased 50%
Beam/Static shot capacity down 8%
Lava shot capacity down 10%
Nature shot capacity down 37.5%
Option to direct melee attacks toward mouse cursor added.
Game Speed option added; only works in Single player or Split Screen.
Added option to choose which controller art to display.
Creature Cores now display the type in vendor menus.
Health & Wrath Shards are now tracked on the mission/map screen.
Added new idle animations for Dis when outside of the shop screen.
Added subtle camera zooms to large enemy finishers.
Highest difficulty level completed icon is now shown on the mission select screen.

Fixed various platforms in Leviathan’s Landing to be more consistent and less frustrating.
Fixed an issue where enemy interacts and health bars would not appear.
Quests: Pure Hatred II, Behind the Mask II, Keymaster III, and Flex II quests all track properly now.
Chapter 1: Added a Trickster Key to the level, and removed a Trickster Key from Vulgrim.
Chapter 2: Fixed the exit in the Trickster Room (could be difficult to use).
Chapter 3: Ingot quest now properly spawns rewards on completion.
Chapter 3: Split Screen: Camera will now properly follow players across the polls.
Chapter 5: Lore now unlocks properly.
Chapter 7: Fixed the intro camera not triggering properly.
Chapter 9: Fixed an issue where Belial would get stuck channeling and halting progress.
Chapter 14: You no longer fall to your death during the load screen.
Chapter 15: Fixed the elevator appearing closed after reentering the area.
Chapter 15: Soul Chest now properly spawns after defeating the skeletons at the bone wall.
War Machine Boss Fight now properly spawns players when they die during the fight.
MP: Endless Arena starts properly now in both Split Screen and online MP.
MP: Chapter 2: Fixed an issue where the gate would show locked to the client when joining late.
MP: Chapter 5: Vault door is much easier to interact with.
MP: Fixed an issue that would cause the host to get stuck on an infinite loading screen when a client quit.
MP: Void portals: Only 1 player can have Void portals active in MP now; this fixes an issue where portals were unusable.
MP: Fixed an issue with clients not being able to use level portals.
MP: Fixed an issue in MP that caused players to get put under the world when knocked off a ledge by spikes.
MP: Fixed an issue in MP where the client would get disconnected when picking up Wicked K’s core.
MP: Chapter 4: Molten Hound encounter no longer resets when the client joins after it was completed.
MP: Leviathan flyby is now properly triggered for clients.
MP: You can no longer attempt to join a friend that has the game set to private or invite only.
MP: Fixed an issue that caused the creature core menu to become stuck when spectating.
MP: Fixed wave notifications and arena stats not showing up for clients.
MP: Tutorial hints now display properly for clients.
War’s Health cores track properly now.
Lots of localization fixes across all languages.
More map fixes! Adjusted various locations where things were tracking incorrectly.
Adjusted soul chests to prevent players from getting stuck on them.
Fixed an issue that caused Synergy/Chaos to generate at an extreme rate in the later parts of the game.
Leviathan Creature Core now disappears properly after collecting it.
Various issues and exploits fixed that would allow players to bypass puzzles or content (potentially missing crucial equipment).
Executions are now prioritized over other interacts.
Fixed music not playing in the credits.
Fixed an issue where the FX for the Leviathan creature core was playing on the Dagon creature core.
World Ender no longer consumes Beam Shot ammo when the Flame Legion core is equipped.
Tempest wings now show up more consistently.
Fixed mission quest progress notifications not showing up if you hadn’t open the map in that level.
Strife’s currently equipped ammo types get saved now.