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I just launched the game and immediately noticed that the 5.1 channel separation is FUBAR. In the opening cinematics, the voices of the Charred Council come from both the back speakers, while the voices of Fury and War come from only the front left speaker.
The channel separation was broken also in the actual gameplay and many of the voices that should come from the front speakers came from the back speakers.

This needs fixing.

My specs:
Win 10 64 bit
i7-6700K 4.0 GHz
16Gb Ram
Sound Blaster ZX connected with optical connection to Logitech Z906 5.1 THX speaker system
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Okay, weird. I just managed to fix this by fiddling with the GameUserSettings ini file. I changed the default FrameRateLimit to the value of 0 (it was 0.000000 or something like that originally) and the sounds played like they should from the correct speakers.

I don't know if that was indeed what fixed it but it was the only change that I did between broken sounds and correct sounds.
Thanks for the hint. But i wonder about the above line in usersettings.ini: "AudioQualityLevel=0" ?
I´m happy with game version 1.1, no crash. Tried your"fix" for an hour or so, surround channels working, but crashed.
So i reverted back to original value 0.000000.
Just connected via optical cable, perfect sound for me. Love the game!
--update 2-- lol,just realized the game sound is neither DTS nor Dolby Digital. My receiver emulates surround.
Guess game audio is highly compressed. The downloadable soundtrack is 320 kb/s mp3.
I have fun with the game anyways.
SORRY, my bad. I´m back to analogue cables to receiver for 5.1 direct. All channels work correctly, but weak LFE(subwoover). For game surround over optical cable you need a soundcard with support for Dolby Digital Live or DTS connect.
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