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Ok, i already posted before about the Abyssal Armor malfunction, in version 1.1, which also plagues the Steam version of this game. I even provided a workaround discovered by others! Today, i finally had another run through the game to personally test it, and warn everyone about the results...

I managed to get the question prompt for starting a new game with Abyssal Armor on. BUT... Damage wasn't lowered and NO life drain on hits effect, which should be aftereffects of wearing THAT armor. I progressed a little bit until the point which you find the first armor piece (scalding gallow), checked the inventory, saw that NO armor icon was present there, proceeded to pick up the item piece then, only to discover that the armor is STILL bugged. It seems to be worn on war, with ZERO of its effects it normally adds and game treats it as if it doesn't exist, because the moment i picked the first piece in 2nd run with armor DISPLAYED as on (and having started the game with choice of having it on), instead of the blue souls that should appear, the armor piece appeared again and started being collected ANEW.

1.1 is broken as hell, at least concerning armor. Beware. Also, if you retrieve the wrath core from Vulgrim by turning the Overlord Artifact, make sure to do so when you don't have any wrath shards collected before, because if you have 1-3 and then receive core from artifact, those shards permanently disappear (did for me).

Drowned Pass Blue Souls chest in sunken house, remember to pick it up before starting quest for the gate of the area. It is bugged too, and being displayed if you return with the enhancement which reveals maps and shows valuables. but being unable to be looted (once if you missed it before, or twice if you already did).

Take care to have multiple saves and regularly in Ashlands, sometimes the graphics get glitched and war stucks in the ground, which also changes to gibberish and messed up graphics.

And remember, 3 serpent holes hide shards/lifestones: Anvil's Ford, Twilight Cathedral and Dry Road. For Anvil's you need the chain, for Cathedral you need the endgame mask and something else; dry road needs nothing to loot it.
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