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Ok so I logged onto GOG after getting home from work and was so excited to see Dark Reign finally on here. So of course I picked it up, and began downloading everything. Well upon installing onto my notebook (Windows 7 Pro), everything went well. Now here is where it got weird.... The little GOG symbol comes up down in the taskbar and nothing... Then my cell phone starts beeping, I figure maybe it is a text message, well, it's my notebook trying to gain access to my phone as if I was transferring files. And I keep hitting no and it keeps popping up again and again. So finally I decide the game isn't going to run since now I'm getting a "Do you have a CD" message. I hit no and the game boots up, rather slow and color distorted, unplayable. And of course the message stops on my cell phone once I close out Dark Reign.

Sooooo... Is anyone else having issues running the game on Win7? I'm going to try running with compatibility changes in a bit. Also, why in the world would this cause my notebook to try and gain access to my cell phone through bluetooth? First time this has ever happened to me. Temporal Distortion detected? haha
Ok the Cell phone issue I've no idea about at all - might be the game might be something nasty on your system or just something really random happening.

As for the CD part I think this is one of those bits of the code that GoG can't easily remove, but which have patched over so that the game will run without the CD. Generally I find that clicking No works well though its recently been starting up a lot faster so I don't even get the chance to click and I've had no bother.

As for the colour problems I've had that too and I'm not 100% sure what is causing it. I've found that pressing the windows key to minimise the game and then clicking on its tab in the taskbar (to bring it back up again) tends to solve things.
I've also noticed that it seems to be a much bigger problem with the original game instead of the expansion version (though I've no idea why the GoG version runs as two different EXEs instead of just one which lets you swap between the two campaigns
Both problems are present here as well.
Very irritating.

I'm on Version 1.7, i might add. As per GOG's recomendation.
I've been having similar troubles too, when running the game in CrossOver Games 9.2. Perplexingly, it asks me if I have a CD on startup, even though it shouldn't. When I click no, it takes me through the intro movies to the main menu, but when I try to start a new single player game, it tells me to restart with a CD.

With the 1.7 patch out of the box, it does something similar when I try to start a new game with the main campaign, but it will at least let me play an expansion game or a skirmish game.
Ive been having same problem with distorted colors however nothing above with Cellphone or the Missing CD problem and the ALT-TAB (or WINDOWS KEY) didn't work for me :(
postafflatus: Ive been having same problem with distorted colors however nothing above with Cellphone or the Missing CD problem and the ALT-TAB (or WINDOWS KEY) didn't work for me :(
Oh yeah.. The problem with colos and screen resolution. Are there any options to run it in a window, not full screen?
As for CD, when you see a question about having CD just answer yes.

But what about colors ?
I did find a solution to our color palette problem. In order to have the game run at it's colors, the "explorer.exe" needs to be off. A fellow on facebook gave instructions on creating a batch file to help automate the process to give you the way the game is supposed to look.

create a text file in the root folder and enter

taskkill /f /IM explorer.exe
start explorer.exe

name the text file "Dark Reign.bat", and don't forget the extension!

Unfortunately this doesn't solve the missing CD problem with the original game scenarios, but you can still play the Expansion and Instant Action Modes.

heres the [url= ]link [/url]to who is responsible for the fix
That may be misleading as you don't have launcher.exe in your GOG version of the game. 1.7 patch has this file so it , perhaps, should be like this:

taskkill /f /IM explorer.exe
"Dark Reign - Expansion.exe"
start explorer.exe

Though I havn't tested it yet

EDIT: Tested and colors are OK. :D

Though the game is not that stable...
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The original fix posted by ASWildcat worked for me (on the colors), but Im unable to play the campaign. Which is what I was hoping to do.

I'm on 32bit win7.

This was a lazy release.

Well, Dark Reign - Original Game.exe runs the main game and launcher.exe runs the expansion.

I renamed the main game - DarkReignMain.exe and wrote:

taskkill /f /IM explorer.exe
start explorer.exe

In the bat file.

I then did the same thing for launcher.exe. Now both main game and expansion works without color and CD-issues. We do have to do this for every .exe though (MOD's etc.)

Pain in the ass..

Edit 2:
I'm getting no music though. Not from any of the exe's.
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