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Update for:
GOG Dark Reign Version
Dark Reign 1.4
Dark Reign 1.7
Dark Reign 1.8.1

Mod made by me, (user; XenPhaseTank)

How to install the mod?
Just in case delete the folders (if installed), Aust, Alien, Auralien, Asteroid and Volcanic (Dark Reign/dark/graphics)
Copy the 'dark' Mod folder into your dark reign folder and replace all.
Caution! the mod will replace this file; "PackmnEx" !!! If you've already installed some mods, you will have to adjust this file first!
Put Dark Reign - The Future of War.exe and Dark Reign - Rise of the Shadowhand.exe to Dark Reign/

Alien terrain playable at The future of war!
Aust bug fixed, Freighters weren't right on the model water well and taelon mine.
I also changed the building looks on the terrains. See the Picture how it looks.

Starter exes:
These work on Windows 10 made by (from v1.4b I think).
Please note that these exes are unofficial, some antiviruses might detect them as viruses, just set an exception for dark reign folder in your antivirus!

Note that Dark Reign doesn't work well on 64 bit systems. I actually remember weird crashes even on Windows Vista 64 bit. If you want Dark Reign run flawlessly, you need a 32 bit operating system.


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