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Hey everyone after the upgrade to Windows 10 I launch this game and nothing happens.

Upon trying everything imaginable

-Running as admin
-Compatibility Settings

Even so far as to go download Virtual Box which was great cause it allows me to play the Original Dark Reign now which also does the same as this game.

Id load the game and well malwarebytes anti malware would tell me the launcher to Dark Reign 2 Launcher.exe was malware. Restored it added it to the exemption list.

Still no go still loading and nothings happening.

Well I went as far as looking if the game was somehow ported or a patch to make it openGL and nope but I did find the games source code has now been published.

I did find a portable version of this game to which I thought yeah why not lets give this a shot. Oddly it worked and the GOG copy didn't

So I thought right I will go about adding all the other stuff to it and upon adding everything discovered it was also not loading. So I thought right we have a .DLL or one of the files here loading when the game is making it not load.

and here is the solution people

Delete this abomination -- winmm.dll

This file plays the in game music with it the game wont launch without it the game will launch.

Need to find a newer version of the .dll that will work with Windows 10 leave it and have no music or get the game to play the music via another means.

The game should work now tell everyone you know and there dog.

DARK REIGN 2 on Windows 10 64 bit Home Edition

Just had a look at Dark Reign the original and found the same .dll

I'm happy to report that deleting the same file will let you play the game on Windows 10.
This should work on all windows operating systems with the same problem of the game half loading but not loading into the games menu's

Thinking more on the no in game music thing you could always run the music in the games music folder in the install directory with VLC and turn it on shuffle.
gamingrules666: Delete this abomination -- winmm.dll
This is a known issue. The older bundled versions of winmm.dll does not work with Win 10.
The first Dark Reign already has an updated installer that works with Win 10.
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