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Hello Gog community,
I have good memories of playing Dark REign. I notice in this forum there are some bugs and some situations with the music playing during the game. I know that the application is looking for the game CD to play its music, is going to release a patch to solve this problem since, if we were to buy the game back then this wouoldn't have been a issue? I don;t mind using a community patch to fix this but I also notice explorer issues with win 7 64 bit in this forum. Or do I have to burn a CD and keep it in the drive to listen to the music. (in relation to the community patch does it fix the color issue with Win 7 in association with explorer.) (in relation to the music to dark reign being played while in the game itself). Thank you TParis to reaching out to the Dark Reign Community for a fix.

Like I said I would really like to spend the money on this game and like to support I just want to be sure beforehand.
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*I Wonder...*

I just noted in another thread as to how the last time i installed Dark Reign, from the original disc, it caused conflicts with other programs.

"I've still got the disc but last time i used it, (if u'll believe this) it must have messed up my registry or something. Whenever i'd go to play Half Life 1 thru steam the dark reign music would start playing through the whole intro segment and beyond. Dangerous old disc. Direct X god knows what."

I assume that the GOG version of the game is modified for use with modern computers but i notice people complaining about no music.

My question is simple. If i were to download the game from GoG (I fancy it, havnt played the expansion either) and the music doesn't work; if i pop in my old DR disc, will it pick up the music from that?

Thanks ;)