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Make the game start up faster by skipping the logos:

Delete files UE_Logo.bik, MS_Logo.bik and AG_Logo.bik in folder "C:\games\D4 - Dark Dreams Dont Die - Season 1\Ms01Game\Movies\"

You can look around using A,S,D keys. For walking around you have to fiddle the mouse with screen edges. This fixes this by binding movement to Q,W,E (turn left,move forward,turn right) keys:

In C:\Users\<yourname>\Documents\My Games\D4 Dark Dreams Don't Die\Ms01Game\Config\Ms01Input.ini
you find these 3 lines:
Bindings=(Name="Q",Command="Button m_bButtonQ")
Bindings=(Name="E",Command="Button m_bButtonE")
Bindings=(Name="W",Command="Button m_bButtonLUP_pc | OnPressKeyboardLook")

Replace each of these lines so they look like this:
Bindings=(Name="Q",Command="Axis aTurn Speed=-1.0")
Bindings=(Name="E",Command="Axis aTurn Speed=+1.0")
Bindings=(Name="W",Command="Axis aLookup Speed=-1.0")

Also: This game is awesome :-)
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