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I'm not sure if this is user error somehow on my part, but the game doesn't seem to be saving properly. The clover thing spins in-game and I've used the telephone to "save" my progress, but when I reloaded the game it does not show the ability to replay completed episodes and only gives me the option to start a new game. I lost about 2 hours of progress, which is a bit annoying, although it's been an awesome experience so far and I imagine I can do things a lot faster now I know what I'm doing. However, I don't think I'm going to start playing again until I can make sure I can save since there seems to be quite a bit of small stuff to find in this game.

System info: Windows 8.1, running on non-admin account, Galaxy not installed

OK, I did a bit of investigating and it seems it's because I launched the game from the installer launcher button which created the save folder in my windows admin user account (since I had to install as admin after being prompted for login). The save location is in: C:\Users\ACCOUNTNAME\Documents\My Games\D4 Dark Dreams Don't Die\

If you copy or move the folder contents into your non-admin user account folder the game will load from that account and save there the next time when launching with your non-admin account.
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I'm having a similar problem however I only have one account which is my admin account. Yesterday it was working fine, I was able to close and reopen the game several times. I completed episode 2 last night and turned my computer off for the night. Today I logged on and when I click continue it starts me back at the prologue even though I can replay episode 2. I really dont feel like replaying 3 episodes. Is there a way I can choose to start at episode 3?

Edit: I'm an idiot the game is only 3 episodes long.
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