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Hi there,

I still have a bug in the GIG "Flying Drugs" which prevents the mission to complete. I.killed all enemies, destroyed the antenna, but I don't have any tasks left to do nor can I track the job. Its just sitting in the journal. Anyone out there with the same problem?
They really should implement a restart Gig option. This is my last gig left. All other gigs, side and main jobs are done.
Hey, so not sure if this still helps but I was having the same issue in 1.5 and I turned off the holocall thing in the gameplay settings at the very bottom and tried to go back to it. Game gave me a text instead and that fixed things right up. Not 100% sure if it was that or because I went back a few autosaves and tried to go there again but which ever it was it worked. At any rate I wish you luck
If you install CyberEngineTweaks, or already have it installed, use the console and insert this:
Copy all of it as one - probably easier to do if you quote my post, I see the board slightly changes the format.

journalManager = Game.GetJournalManager() trackedEntry = journalManager:GetTrackedEntry() questEntry = journalManager:GetParentEntry(journalManager:GetParentEntry(trackedEntry)) questEntryHash = journalManager:GetEntryHash(questEntry) journalManager:ChangeEntryStateByHash(questEntryHash, "Succeeded", "Notify")

This code will end the current quest for stuck ones, though I've never used it myself so I don't know how it works regarding quest rewards etc.
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