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I just beat the game. It's actually the first game I finished of 2021. What did you folks think of it? I thought it was great. The environments, cut-scenes, and just about everything else was beautifully animated. The gameplay was brutal, but not unfair. Hoping for a sequel and some DLC. My pitiful score is in the enclosed photo.
Post edited February 06, 2021 by J Lo
As much as I enjoy it the game is medicore at best. I'm sure others want more depth but I like its simplicity and I found it as replayable as Oniken or Odallus but fall far behind of Curse of the Moon 2. There is a plenty of freedom though most bosses are pattern based making the fight really boring once you figured their pattern out which happen in the first 10 seconds of the first encounter. The graphics and the story is top-notch save for L-Gion who is a bit stupid with the pointless and unstyled jokes. But seriously it is way more enjoyable than Shovel Knight for me, I haven't replayed that game since the normal game finish. XD

Maybe surprising but it is much more enjoyable than Ritual of the Night ever get. There are no bugs, hitboxes functioning, everything you get is usable (not underpower or overpower), the difficulty isn't fully artifical, and most of the enemies aren't cheap. Actually it is more closer to the nightmare Zangetsu style of RoTN: even if sometimes you have to be cheap a bit just like some enemies overall you have freedom over the way you approach the challenge.
I just finished it as well. I wanted to 100% all stages so it took me longer. I want to try all the feats as it's really good.
My only wishlist is to add a hardcore mode, permadeath or powered up bosses.
Overall 100% satisfied.