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I have found that the latest update for The Curious Expedition has major issues on Linux (at least Manjaro/Arch) that eventually grinds it to a halt, but I have also found a simple, complete fix for them.

The game as it stands has a major memory leak and will rapidly consume more memory, 7GB in about an hour, though that may not be the (only) cause of the lag. When there are "particle effects" such as the initial map reveal, fire, geysers, and especially the medal selection screen, the game will slowly lag more and more, with input seeming to queue up before it executes in bursts. Eventually it will become so slow that it might as well be considered frozen.

Running the game with the latest installable version of electron from the package repos (2.0.6 at time of writing) does not fix the problem.


Downloading the latest beta of electron from and extracting its files over top of the files in the x64 folder (or x32 if you're on 32bit) and running "electron" (or deleting the old "The Curious Expedition" and renaming electron to that so your shortcuts work) should completely fix all the problems!
The game will stabilize at around 1GB of RAM usage and there should be no lag from the "particle effects". I used the electron-v3.0.0-beta.5 release but this brand new .6 release should work I assume. If you're nervous about overwriting game files, simply extract the beta release somewhere and copy app.asar into the resources folder and run electron.

This game is one of my absolute favourites and I'd like to make sure people get the best experience they can with it :) hopefully the version of electron used can be bumped up in a future patch so this solution is not necessary.

P.S. The Windows version does not lag under Wine (there's no sound, but that's beside the point), so perhaps this issue is isolated to Linux electron.