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As usual this rises at least three questions...

1) Will they come to GOG?
2) If the answer to 1) is yes, will it be in form of free update (like it happend in case of SK2)?
3) ...and if the anwser to 1) (and 2) ) is no...will it mean that the Culture games are pulled of from GOG soon?
Good chances are we get a HD update looking at the dev/pub of the games on steam.
Both games are on sale currently at 80% on Steam.

Prior to finding this thread I read up on the Cultures games and they seemed something like I was interested in trying. I bought both games on Steam and can confirm 1920x1080 is working in both games (8th Wonder doesn't seem to support 32-Bit colour bit though).
Someone told me(don't know if posting names is appropriate, so I don't do it) in another thread that I should tell you something, so here it goes:
both of the games supports 1920x1080, although 8th Wonder shows only 16 bit colour depth for all resolutions on my machine.
8th Wonder
What's more, they don't have the bars on left and right that the Steam version has(according to screenshots on Steam pages of the games.

I am talking about the GOG versions of the games, of course.
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For me, the GOG versions of Cultures 2, Northland and 8th Wonder work great all the way up to 4k (3840x2160). Everything does look a little small then though, so I usually play at 1920x1080 which still looks nice and crisp on a 4k monitor as it's exactly half the resolution.

I did get the Steam 'HD' versions of Northland and 8th Wonder as a freebie when I bought Valhalla Hills (a new game by the same studio). However the 'HD' versions seemed very crashy. Of course, YMMV :-/