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In Cultures 2 - and I'm told there's no changes to this system in #3 or #4...

So carriers (should have been called porters), if given a handcart, now will not automate at all.

To add insult to injury, the game, which never misses an opportunity to tell you one of the bimbettes can't find bread (when both bakeries AND the headquarters are full of bread, yet) WILL NOT notify you when a carter (carrier with a hand cart) is idle. And they go idle as soon as they get wherever you last told them to go. They will load or unload if you told them to do so, but after that they stand around with their thumbs up their butts doing nothing. You have to manually keep looking to see who's busy and who need further instructions or they will never do anything but eat and sleep again.

OK fine, so we'll just have to turn them into merchants. Well guess what - all my merchants make ONE trip from trading post #1 to trading post #2 and then, they too stand around idle without notification. Plus they won't pick **** up off the ground.

I don't mind micromanagement, but this isn't micromanagement, its just stupidly tedious and interferes with the ability to do anything else in the game as long as these idiots have to be told what to do every single trip. Merchants are even worse because once they've made one trip say from the brewery to the barracks, now you have to go through walking them back to the start point (trading post #1, which I set to the brewery) and totally reset to set them up to go back to the barracks. Which isn't simple and certainly lacks all traces of intuitive action. It's way easier at that point to use carriers and hand carts since the Merchants won't make even one round trip.

And leaving them all plain vanilla cartless carriers doesn't work because they seem to be allergic to taking anything OUT of a production facility back to the headquarters, even when they have nothing else to do.

Honestly once a porter (carrier) has been assigned to a production facility they should move raw materials in and finished goods out as long as there is warehouse space on both ends, and they should do that automatically. Nothing should change about that if you give them handcarts. You shouldn't have to pay any attention to them once you've set them up.

Merchants should only be used to move goods between warehouses, period paragraph. And they should be able to follow a ROUTE, not just shuttle back and forth between two buildings - but even if you're going to limit them to a simple delivery route of only 2 buildings, that route, once set up, should be followed automatically, it shouldn't stop as soon as they get to the destination.

Does anybody have a system that works to keep these guys automated without having to keep manually setting them to carry their loads around? Because without better haulage, this game is tedious and boring. Who wants to sit around spending an hour just moving 3 or 4 porters (with or without carts) back and forth and back and forth?
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Place signposts. Plenty.
Don't assign carriers to carts.
Assign carriers to warehouses, and adjust their workrange if necessary.
I know this is an old post, but the best advice I can give is to get 4 or 5 carriers, give each of them 4 mead and an ox-cart, and then tell each of them manually what you want them to haul. Essentially park them beside the resource you want to gather or collect, and wait for them to fill all 20 slots. Then bring the ox-carts right beside the warehouse and tell them to unload their goods.

This is the best you can do under the system. Also, keep the warehouses to a minimum or at least out of reach of the workshops (it sounds unintuitive because it is, but it pays off in the long run. Don't worry about your main warehouse though). Somewhat unfortunatly, with goods that are used by other workplaces, like wood, you might find that they split between multiple places that need wood because, as you have noticed, the system is broken.

It's a real shame actually, as I really like this style of RTS, city building, god-sim, but with individual somewhat unique units.

A remaster of this game with better hauling mechanics, and better systems for managing the space around your village would be an awsome game to play.