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Normally I would get it here. But I read the Origin version is better optimized and patched to the latest version of the game. On the other hand GOG is DRM free. And lastly I have fund on my Steam Wallet. So... Where is the best place to get Crysis and Crysis Warhead?

Thank you for the help.
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The GOG and Origin versions provide the 64-bit executable for the first Crysis and if that's a big deal to you, then buying either here or through Origin would be a crucial point. The version sold on Steam does not include this.

As to the version being sold on Origin being better patched/optimized compared to the other retailers - that I can't answer.

If the DRM-free aspect is all that really matters, obviously GOG is a guarantee but I believe you can also run the game if purchased via Origin without having to actually run the Origin client.
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