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iivZubhKAqozGeXv: That EULA states that you accept and will use the "Origin Software / Origin Account".

That is DRM.

My Question :

Is that for "online only" or "at all times" ? ( EULA does not state )

P.S. : EULA also claims EA owns anything you make for this game. ( Copyright and IP ).
SeanDestroyU: I want to know more about DRM and this before buying it. I believe the mod I'd want to use with it can't be used on the Steam version. Is this DRM free or not? The mentioning of Origin in the EULA has me wondering.
GOG version of Crysis is DRM-free, you don't need Origin or any sorf of activation software.
Regarding mods - they should work on any version of the game (Retail/Steam/Origin/GOG).
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