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Update 3.1.0 (continued…)

Fixed Cadence’s final boss fight containing an additional, non-controllable helper character when generated in the editor
Fixed Cadence’s penultimate boss not being affected by knockback during phase 2
Fixed gold weapons making Cadence’s penultimate boss drop 1 gold when charging into his gong
Fixed Dorian’s coin multiplier being lost when using items or spells on Cadence’s final boss fight

Fixed Diamond receiving a Holster from the Shrine of Uncertainty
Fixed Diamond receiving a Bag of Holding when killing the Conjurer

Fixed Dove being able to blow up Hard Mode Sarcophagi
Fixed Dove generating flashes of light when tickling enemies while standing on the Wire

Fixed bombs not clearing out boss minion gold on the correct tiles for Monk/Coda
Fixed Hard Mode Sarcophagi dropping gold for Monk/Coda
Fixed boss spawns after the 10th one dropping a coin on boss fight end for Monk/Coda

Fixed Nocturna having a human head in bat form
Fixed Nocturna’s inventory in Bat Form sometimes displaying an incorrect kill countdown
Fixed Nocturna staying alive with 0 hearts when transforming with a fully cursed health bar
Fixed Nocturna’s penultimate boss not dealing directional damage
Fixed a rare softlock in Nocturna’s penultimate boss fight

Fixed Shrine of War not applying to enemies spawned by Sarcophagi or Skulls
Fixed Shriner Travel Rune causing nearby shrines to become single-choice
Fixed Shrine of Space’s other items not being deleted when you pick a shovel while holding Crystal Shovel
Fixed Shrine of Glass not upgrading janitored items
Fixed activated shrines in a Shriner continuing to drain money when bumped
Fixed Shrine of Blood giving unusable blood weapons to weapon-locked characters

Fixed Evil Eyes stopping on the wrong tile when leaping through an Ice Spirit Familiar
Fixed Evil Eyes not respecting changes to their beat delay in Randomizer Mode
Fixed Evil Eyes’ charge not being delayed by knockback
Fixed shop wall mimics leaving floating torches behind
Fixed Wind Gargoyles sometimes ceasing to push players away
Fixed some enemies incorrectly delaying their movement after knockback in Randomizer Mode
Fixed Electric Zombies not receiving knockback from non-shielded hits in Randomizer Mode
Fixed taking damage when parrying into an Electric Orb
Fixed Tar Monsters always dealing 3 damage in Randomizer Mode
Fixed Armadillos being able to start charging immediately after being knocked back
Fixed clamped Monkeys triggering familiars on move
Fixed clamped Monkeys being affected by teleports
Fixed large enemies losing some of their collision tiles when the map is resized
Fixed enemies not being visible when stepping onto a previously revealed tile
Fixed enemies moving when quick restarting a custom dungeon as Bard
Fixed enemies not resetting their activation radius when the confusion status effect expires
Fixed potential errors when a Training Sarcophagus spawns a spirit while Nazar Charm is equipped

Fixed Banshee not emitting a “Deafened!” flyaway when attacked by a player
Fixed Banshee wail sometimes becoming permanent after the Banshee dies
Fixed Minotaurs and Armadillos not being stunned for the correct amount of time in Randomizer Mode
Fixed Nightmares having their AI randomized in Randomizer Mode
Fixed Ogres getting stuck after taking knockback during their upswing
Fixed the Red/Blue Dragon’s breath cooldown not ticking down while the Dragon is frozen

Fixed Death Metal switching to a faster beat delay at an incorrect time
Fixed Death Metal’s health thresholds being scaled incorrectly in Randomizer Mode
Fixed omnidirectional bounce traps triggering on Death Metal when he teleports onto them
Fixed Death Metal sometimes incorrectly taking double knockback
Fixed Death Metal sometimes dropping a shield particle without losing his shield
Fixed inputs after King Conga’s pause sometimes being incorrectly treated as missed beats
Fixed King Conga not teleporting back to his throne when hit while frozen
Fixed King Conga’s introduction text intersecting with walls on some non-English languages
Fixed King Conga refusing to sit on a partially pickaxed throne

Fixed Ring of Shadows, Ring of Pain and Ring of Might being too common in the Conjurer and Transmogrifier
Fixed Cutlass parries being orthogonalized even if the corresponding quirk is disabled
Fixed lobby upgrades being scattered out of the player’s inventory under rare circumstances
Fixed Boots of Lunging knocking back other players
Fixed lobby items being destructible by bombs
Fixed Dove Familiar not teleporting frozen enemies
Fixed Shopkeeper Familiar triggering on teleports
Fixed Backpack Quirk not preserving order when swapping to another bag item

Fixed Transaction Panels causing the No Return Tile to inflict damage
Fixed price tags not being removed immediately when the Shopkeeper dies
Fixed ‘Item Generation: Racing’ mode sometimes still inducing seed variance between runs with alive or dead shopkeepers

Fixed Diamond Dealer generating items that are not usable by the selected character
Fixed diamonds from single-zone boss completions sometimes getting lost when returning to the lobby
Fixed weapon-locked characters being unable to unlock weapons in the lobby

Fixed cut-off movement tweens when bumping into another co-op player who moves after a short time
Fixed “Beat skipped” message appearing in co-op mode
Fixed asymmetric elements in reflected co-op HUD
Fixed local co-op players sometimes dying to ranged attacks before getting a chance to act
Fixed dead local co-op players causing ranged enemy attacks to be delayed
Fixed auto-latency calibration differing between local co-op players

Fixed hot coals inflicting damage while falling down a trapdoor

Fixed Workshop mods not applying custom beatmaps by default
Fixed Workshop Mods sometimes failing to load at startup, leading to frozen player sprites
Fixed newline-separated beatmaps not always being parsed correctly
Fixed item removals via necrodancer.xml mods not working correctly

Visual fixes
Fixed Monocle revealing wall gold on the main floor while in the secret shop
Fixed particles from the main level being visible while in the secret room
Fixed bombs displaying the player name in the kill message, instead of “Bomb”
Fixed Zone 5’s disco floor pattern not lining up correctly with other zones when occurring in the same level
Fixed tile brightness not updating correctly at high framerates
Fixed disco floor flickering when Bard steps on or off an ice tile
Fixed resolution scaling behavior on MacOS
That's it to the current state of the offline installers. It seems that there is a further patch available via Galaxy at the moment.

Update v3.1.1
Crypt of the NecroDancer v3.1.1—SYNCHRONY's first post-launch patch—is now available! Some highlights of this update include improved controller support, networking scalability/stability, new player management options, some buffs to Klarinetta, and various interaction and bug fixes for Chaunter! Check out the full patch notes below.

Edit: The following change was removed from these notes as it did not make it into this patch: "Changed Klarinetta's sword to no longer benefit from damage-ups if enemies walk into it on a non-spin attack"

New Features and Changes​
Added a 'Player List' menu with options to view profiles, as well as force-spectate, mute, kick and ban players
Added hotkey for toggling pause in-game (defaults to 'P')
Added shield slot transaction panel to Conjurer, Transmogrifier and Pawnbroker
Added "restore default gameplay" option to customization menu, which resets all leaderboard-affecting mods and settings
Added the ability for Klarinetta to swing her sword on ice
Added the ability for Klarinetta to spin counter-clockwise by inputting the sword's current diagonal
Added starting armor to Klarinetta
Added special interaction for Rifles and Crossbows thrown by Throwing Charm
Added visual tell for Dash Spell to indicate its range
Added glow sprite when Risk Charm's damage bonus is active
Added new zone-dependent wall spike sprites, improving visibility
Added mod support for displaying entities in chat
Added mod support for in-turn rollbackable chat messages
Added automatic legacy controller support when Steam Input is disabled
Added descriptions to controls reassignment menu
Added option to auto-select primary controller
Added an option to disable diagonal auto-swap for Klarinetta/Diamond
Added custom rule to allow all players to use the in-game level editor
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Update v3.1.1 (continued…)
Changed player list HUD to handle large player counts
Changed possessed Shopkeepers to take damage every beat once the timer expires
Changed multiplayer escape menu to no longer pause the game if the host is spectating or dead
Changed Klarinetta's facing logic to match other characters, altering her head sprite to indicate the facing direction
Changed Klarinetta's bestiary art to a newer version
Changed crates, barrels and urns to be damaged by Wall Spikes
Changed Berserk Spell to grant groove chain protection
Changed Berserk Spell to cause screenshake on each step
Changed controller hot-swap to be disabled by default unless on Steam Deck
Changed Throwing Charm to force-drop thrown weapons if another player picks them up
Changed spectators or dead players causing Dorian not to spawn in Cadence's final boss fight
Changed Conductor Pulse Tell to also apply to the base game without the Synchrony DLC
Changed Throwing Charm to also be usable by Melody, Dove, and Suzu
Changed multiplayer respawning to grant weaponless players a new starting weapon
Changed armor sprites to be hidden in mystery mode if the Synchrony DLC is active
Changed Transmute to no longer have an effect in the lobby
Changed Berserk Spell/Scroll to no longer spawn for Monk/Coda
Changed order for 'AMP'/'SYNC' DLC indicators in game browser to be consistent
Changed Ring of Gold to only auto-collect gold in a limited radius
Changed 'Balance Tweaks' feature pack to no longer auto-load
Changed NecroDancer possession to allow more consistent use of his abilities
Changed Tridents to no longer spawn for Diamond
Changed Tridents to spawn less frequently
Changed chat logging to be disabled by default
Changed Shrine of Space to no longer spawn for Suzu and Chaunter
Changed traps in the boss starting room to despawn on when the boss fight starts
Changed Shock Monkey damage to 0.5 hearts of damage (5 hearts if powered)
Changed Shock Monkey to no longer ignore invincibility frames or armor
Changed gold drop of shock monkey to 5 coins
Changed anti-poverty-blocking logic to also apply to mushrooms and mushroom lights
Changed door connectivity condition to fix some cases of misaligned doors
Changed Spiked Wall spawn rate from 10% to 8%
Changed Thief to the correct editor category
Changed Onyx weapons to no longer spawn for Tempo
Changed Cracked Floors to no longer spawn for Dove or in hard mode
Changed Pickaxe to grant immunity to Spiked Walls
Changed Spiked Walls to inflict damage when dug diagonally
Changed Klarinetta's shadow to match her sprite size
Changed bombs and fireballs to burn down Zone 2 grass
Changed Spiked Wall generation logic
Changed bounce traps to be ignored by Suzu's charge when they're already facing the direction Suzu is going
Changed Rhythm Shrine to convert shields to Obsidian
Changed auto-latency calibration logic to work better for double-tempo characters
Changed deletion of "strictly weaker" items to be disabled by default in Synchrony
Changed sprite for the Shield transaction panel
Changed Chaunter to unfreeze enemies when possessing them (making ring of frost usable)
Changed Heavy Shield to rarely appear in boss chests after zone 1
Changed Enchant Scroll, Boots of Pain, and Ring of Pain to no longer spawn for Chaunter
Changed Reflective Shield and Shield of Shove to no longer spawn for Dove

Fixed custom rules not resetting on disconnect
Fixed chat key being unbound if menu controls were customized in v3.0.x
Fixed stuck animations when loading an invalid character skin
Fixed softlock when Chaunter gets grabbed by a monkey on a trapdoor
Fixed multi-character runs not deleting spectators
Fixed softlock when possessing stunned enemy on stairs
Fixed softlock when song ends while possessing
Fixed blast helm not granting bombs to possessed enemies
Fixed blood weapons and crown of thorns not working on possessed enemies
Fixed ring of gluttony improving non-food items
Fixed quick restart hotkey not being usable from the game over screen after in a multi-character run
Fixed missing DLC check
Fixed Dash tell not working without AMPLIFIED
Fixed Aria getting cracked floors in 1-3 when AMPLIFIED is disabled
Fixed empty/invalid asset mods not being unloaded when starting the game
Fixed trait components not working correctly past level 1
Fixed missing i18n strings for DLC character names
Fixed errors when removing `stats` tag from some enemies via .xml mods
Fixed Dorian not spawning in Cadence's final boss after playing local coop
Fixed possessed spiders disappearing immediately
Fixed possessed enemies getting shovels from need/transmute
Fixed Chaunter's shovel being stealable
Fixed Eli being unable to damage the Conductor's instruments
Fixed floor cracks and thiefs spawning inside shops
Fixed evil eyes being immune to Spiked Walls
Fixed lobby NPCs screaming for help while in the editor
Fixed editor marker shadow offset
Fixed missing ice cauldron bestiary image
Fixed missing bestiary art for ice cauldrons
Fixed thief staying indefinitely when running out of items to steal
Fixed global Activation breaking when slowest player dies/spectates
Fixed replays sometimes causing invalid leaderboard entries to be created
Fixed Nicolas Daoust and Deaderick being swapped
Fixed NecroDancer not dying when unpossessed
Fixed explicit-default rhythm mode submitting to custom music boards
Fixed Chaunter softlock in Shriner/Arena
Fixed unpause countdown causing softlocks in multiplayer
Fixed error when casting Berserk spell while possessing an enemy
Fixed Chaunter not breaking Low% while possessing
Fixed boss summons not inheriting the boss's team
Fixed "Doppelgänger" achievement unlocking via self-damage
Fixed chat key not being bound by default sometimes
Fixed Dice Trap minibosses being stairs locking
Fixed Onyx weapons not dealing 999 damage to grabbers
Fixed story bosses being grabbable
Fixed Mannequin dropping Transform Spell and ∞ bombs
Fixed Chaunter ending on the same tile as enemy after being killed as a warlock
Fixed shrines spawning items on top of chests
Fixed fallen spiders being immune to Spiked Walls
Fixed foresight + ring of shadows still revealing Spiked Walls
Fixed grass state being lost on live reload
Fixed berzerk scroll being listed in the spell category
Fixed Glass Shovel failing to dig Spiked Walls
Fixed Thief dropping gold for Monk/Coda
Fixed doors sometimes being in the wrong orientation
Fixed fire traps overriding cracked walls
Fixed Suzu's charge not behaving like a normal move
Fixed priority being reset on conversion
Fixed CR phase 1 being mirrored
Fixed Klarinetta interactions with beetles and war
Fixed shield of shove triggering recursively on Klarinetta
Fixed Dove being murderous
Fixed ND2 fight spawning sarcos out of bounds
Fixed Steam Input possibly failing to register the UP movement action
Fixed non-equipped shields still being rendered in-world
Fixed `mods` directory not being initialized
Fixed carrot interactions with Chaunter
Fixed Mac build not supplying an icon
Fixed occasional visual flickering when coin stacks are merged
Fixed Scatter Trap not scattering Shields
Fixed Chaunter clones using Cadence clones when Chaunter is possessing an enemy
Fixed Dove's flower dealing 0 damage on the way back with Throwing Charm
Fixed primary input device selection reactivating itself immediately
Fixed custom skins not showing immediately when joining a lobby
Fixed in-game level editor not allowing the host to edit while in spectator mode
Fixed pause screen incorrectly hiding game for non-host players
Fixed feedback screenshots being hidden by the pause screen
Fixed Steam-related player list options not working
Fixed sub-run replays submitting to leaderboards
Fixed dice traps ignoring ring of peace and shrine of war
Fixed Berserk Spell ignoring confusion
Fixed dragon fireballs bypassing player shields at point-blank range
Fixed error when a yellow or black skeleton is killed by lava
Fixed Aria's 1-2 sometimes not having a sarco
Fixed Klarinetta's attacks hitting enemies inside walls
Fixed Suzu's charge hitting enemies inside walls
Fixed pixies being impossible to unlock for training
Fixed possessed pawns not promoting when reaching the top row
Fixed heart transplant not working on Chaunter
Fixed issues when using multiple heart transplants in a row

Versus Mode Changes
Added a custom rule to allow all characters to be played in Versus Mode
Added Trident to item pools
Added Crimson and Jade Trident equipment sprites
Added Dice Trap and auto spike trap to levelgen
Added Wall Spikes to levelgen
Changed player list to auto-hide when round begins
Changed arena generation to create more spawn points for players
Fixed components being added too eagerly
Fixed certain components not being added to custom items
Fixed one of the rooms not getting torches genned
Fixed traps being tallsprited
Fixed crates trying to wield items contained within them
Fixed occassional void tiles in arena generation
Fixed equipment sprites not being always enabled
Fixed prep room breaking with 10+ players
Fixed Essences causing item errors