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Changelog for patch 1.24 / GOG-3 (Windows and Mac) / GOG-4 (Linux) (added 02 May 2016):

- Two new playable soundtracks, by Virt and Girlfriend Records
- Added new languages: Brazilian Portuguese and Russian. Other languages coming soon
- Flicker shield spell the beat before it wears off
- Fix bug where default character changed item generation
- Remove diamond counter from modes that don't have diamonds
- Change Yeti animation to more clearly show movement cycle
- Bolt picking up thrown spear doesn't lose low%
- Fix bug where Necrodancer phase 2 music sometimes didn't start
- Play shopkeep ghost sound even when music volume is low
- Call the ring slot "ring" in the HUD
- Fix shield effect being invisible after falling through a trap door with shield active
- Heart transplant now works when used on the first beat of the song
- Don't fade molehill of frozen mole
- Fix frozen animations to show beetle unshelling, skeleton knight dehorsing, skeleton beheading, Death Metal deshielding
- Show armor changes while frozen
- Fix eye color of some skeletons
- Add glow effects to white sarcophagus silhouette
- Aria doesn't regain low% when entering zone 1
- Fix bug where confusion would re-occur when heart transplant wears off
- Finish rendering weapon swipes after player picks up another weapon
- Show throw swipes for both players in co-op
- Make lobby torches look consistent on the minimap
- When player teleports into shop, play shopkeeper song at full volume
- Make shopkeeper singing full volume when bombing into shop
- Set zone 3 volume correctly when banshee dies
- Add red knight swipe
- Fixed early beat bar hit visual when boss song loops
- Make white chest mimic available in level editor
- Fix blue chest mimic becoming red chest mimic in level editor
- Fix misaligned weapon glow sprites
- Bolt practice, level editor kc1 has blue bats instead of red
- Don't apply localization scale to non-localized text
- Fix spacing of scaled localized text
- Hide secret shop speech when NPC is aggroed or dead
- Fix Dove unlocking Story Mode 1-1 exit stairs
- Remove player minimap dot when player in secret shop
- Fix minimap going offscreen with two spells
- Make "always show enemy hearts" not reveal cauldron mimics
- Added Jeweled Dagger to weaponmaster (edit: after picking it up during a run)
- Fix mod menu selection order
- Don't show unlock splashscreens during a replay
- Make monstrous cracked shop wall dark too
- Remove obsolete unlockable second action slot
- Fix large seed parsing so that they are not rounded
- Print large seeds as positive numbers instead of negative
- Don't allow playing seed -1 (change it to seed 0) to avoid strange behavior
- Faster item pool generation for mods
- Mode stairs in char select area now prompt & take diamonds
- Diamond prompt now doesn't cancel the second prompt (where applicable)
- Fix "SONG ENDED!" in Japanese localization, which wasn't displaying
- When game paused, pause sounds of shopkeep ghost, banshee
- Detect audio cheating for Necrodancer 1 phase 2

Patch 1.19 (added 06 October 2015):

- Added new languages: Japanese, German, French, Spanish, and Italian!
- Fix crash bug caused by player moving while 'submitting scores' is visible
- Fixed bug where sarcophagi in level editor were preventing exits from unlocking in normal mode
- Fixed crash on text inputs with numpad keys
- Prevent hang caused by monstrous shopkeeper in replays
- Fixed bug where localization offsets were being applied repeatedly in some cases
- Added small 'DONE' to localization XML file
- Fixed bug where certain text wouldn't reload after changing languages
- Added xOff and yOff properties to subtitle XML file
- Added scale param to localization file
- Added scale param to subtitles XML file
- Fixed some enemy name localization issues
- Fixed bug where the language text was not offsetting properly in the language GUI
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Changelog for Patch 1.27 / GOG-4 (Windows and Mac) (added 19 December 2016):

- Our latest update v1.27 has added 3 new localizations to the game: Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.
- This update also includes 2 bugfixes:
- Fix banshee deafen effect not ending in 3-4 trap door room
- Fix banshee deafen effect not ending with custom music
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Crypt of the NecroDancer: Amplified DLC

Changelog for AMPLIFIED Patch v2.37 (added 03 February 2017):

New content:

- Localizations: Russian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, Brazilian Portuguese
- Item: Shopkeep Familiar
- Item: Ring of Piercing
- Subtitles for opening cutscene


- Give rat familiar piercing
- Ice spirit: don't hit enemies that require phasing damage (burrowed moles & fmole, unactivated mimics)
- Blood shrine also grants blood shovel (in addition to the blood weapon) on the ground
- Blood shrine only damages your red hearts, not your cursed hearts
- Reduce frequency of electric zombies in single zone mode
- Zone 5 overlay skip certain categories of enemy: sarcophagi, closets, wraiths
- Nocturna exit bat form also grant 2 ibeats
- Change Zone 5 overlay enemy selection to force more variety of types (reduces excessive skull swarms)
- Monk/Coda: don't spawn wall gold
- Minor updates to Korean localization
- Removed Earth Dragon for now due to a bug; it will return soon!


- Fix these to not work in bat form: flail knockback, ring of frost, gold weapon gold bonus
- Fix: in bat form, never show weapon glows (for blood & gold weapons)
- Fortissimole: at boss end, enemies don't drop gold except for monk & gold weapons; late spawns don't drop gold even for monk & gold weapons to prevent infinite gold
- Fix kc5/fm5 always being last by generating floor seeds using a better algorithm
- Bat form fixes: new armor shouldn't protect; new torches shouldn't illuminate
- Fix crash when double-tapping beats after boss song has looped
- Fix base game crashes from dlc save data: deprecate diamond dealer attributes, pending spawn attributes
- Fix crash on unexpected default character entry in save xml
- Bump version of default character attribute to fix base game forwards compatibility crash
- Fix gameplay options menu crash when save data default character is invalid
- War shrine don't make tar balls, since tar balls are intentionally disabled
- Fix bug where if Nocturna is default character, player would gain Transform spell when starting ND1 boss
- Fix crash when accessing gameplay options menu while in bat form
- Dorian FM4: replace the blademasters with harpies (as is done in KC4)
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Crypt of the NecroDancer: Amplified DLC

Changelog for Amplified Patch 2.41 (added 16 February 2017:

- Fix infinite durability bug in single zone mode (includes heavy glass armor)
- Ring of Courage: revert durability
- Ring of Courage: make slightly less common (similar to other rings)
- Ring of Courage: don't spawn on 1-1
- Ring of Courage: mention invulnerability in item hint
- Ring of Courage: flicker when invulnerable
- Ring of Courage: remove +1 damage
- Ring of Piercing: make slightly less common (similar to other rings)
- Allow weaponless characters to again find shovel of strength
- Put freeze durations back to 8 and 16

Changelog for Amplified Patch 2.40 (added 16 February 2017):

- New item: Heavy Glass Armor
- Add all Cutlass materials, with rarities same as bow
- Electric dagger: direct hit damage 2; combo with wire for 2 arc damage
- Make boots of leaping more common in the places it appears (crates, locked shops)
- Reduce dove familiar spawn rates a bit
- Don't spawn dove familiar for Dove (it's too powerful)
- Determine the success/fail outcomes from chance shrine by the run seed
- Luck items: instead of changing general item spawns, improve crate quality
- Ring of mana: remove cooldown bonus; add greater versions of bomb (inf dmg), heal (heal 1), earth (radius 2)
- Cursed wraith: when hitting player, curse all hearts and vanish
- z5 level gen: bias exit stair location within exit room to be far from player
- Allow phasing damage to destroy green gorgon statues (which includes earth spell, metrognome telefrag, etc)
- Give ring of courage 10 durability (still infinite durability in single zone modes)
- Courage takes priority over cutlass parry
- Reduce freeze spell durations to 6 (lesser, was 8 ) and 12 (greater, was 16)
- Shrine of Peace: reduce downside to replacing weapon with dagger; reduce upside to +1 heart (was +2)
- Make weapon throws do piercing damage
- Make Warhammer rarity similar to Bow, because of its high ease of use
- Fix crash when loading Fortissimole boss intro with Spanish & German localizations
- Melody fix: make wire electric arcing work for her lute attack
- Fix Fortissimole visual to actually show the silhouette instead of using the wrong animation frames
- Recover from invalid cloud save by dumping it and starting fresh
- Indicate in the log clearly when game crashes due to missing (or damaged) image file
- More graceful error handling when failing a DirectX image load
- Fix glass shop to only ever spawn a weapon in the 3rd spot, not glass slippers
- Fix boss intro fast-forwarding bug by making the game also pause when losing focus during boss intro
- Fix Blunderbuss showing up from transmutes for invalid characters (Melody, Aria, etc.)
- Dove familiar fix: don't teleport enemies on boss levels (fixes some strange behaviors)
- Scatter trap: don't scatter Melody's lute and Dove's flower
- Bat fix: when some directions are blocked, select randomly from remaining directions without bias
- Fix darkness and peace shrines in bat form: darkness should remove your ring and torch, and peace should preserve your ring of peace
- Transform spell: only 1 copy in co-op; lock into first spell slot for Nocturna (for hotkey stability)
- Remove strength shovel from pool of characters that can't use damage bonuses (such as melody)
- Fix warhammer priority to be the same as broadsword for the far hit
- Electric dagger: make player glow; damage electric zombies
- Fix Dead Ringer gong destruction being blocked by familiar
- Battle shovel doesn't activate from opening doors

Changelog for Amplified Patch 2.38 (added 16 February 2017):

- Fix infinite durability bug in single zone mode (includes heavy glass armor)
- Ring of Courage: revert durability
- Ring of Courage: make slightly less common (similar to other rings)
- Ring of Courage: don't spawn on 1-1
- Ring of Courage: mention invulnerability in item hint
- Ring of Courage: flicker when invulnerable
- Ring of Courage: remove +1 damage
- Ring of Piercing: make slightly less common (similar to other rings)
- Allow weaponless characters to again find shovel of strength
- Put freeze durations back to 8 and 162017-02-01: 2.38
- New item: Electric Dagger
- New item: Battle Shovel
- Localizations: German, Italian, Spanish
- Minor updates to other localizations
- FamilyJules remasters of original game tracks
- Replace OCR 3-2 cold with a version fixing harmony with shopkeep
- Update example localization XML with tags for recent text changes; tag texts in code
- Earth dragon: update art; 8 health; wall raising changed to behind player, catacomb strength, permanent
- Raise Axe occurrence chances to be similar to that of Rapier
- Make frost dagger a little more likely to find in high level chests, since it's better than in original game
- z5 level gen: extend the wire into the entry room
- Change axe to only dash if player didn't already move (matters for warlocks), for consistency with rapier
- Ring of Wonder: only grant full heart the first time you pick it up
- z5 level gen: omit trapdoors on 5-3 (fixes lack of melody trap door room in nd2 boss); reduce freq of 5-x trapdoors
- Rewrite glass shop spawn logic to not spawn glass jaw & to spawn glass slippers more often than previously
- Fix shop wall mimic showing its teeth when far away
- Fix slight misoffset of the zone 5 beatfiles (50ms each)
- Adjust start times of OCR 5-x tracks to match the fixed beatfiles
- Fix Dove to count one of her hearts as the ring of peace's bonus heart (so ring swap doesn't give extra heart)
- Fix Shovels of Courage & Strength being overwritten by crystal shovel
- Fix: remove ring of phasing from lobby NPCs
- Fix: glass shrine don't change dorian's boots to glass slippers
- Perf: Slightly speed up rendering by reducing allocations and faster sorting
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Crypt of the NecroDancer: Amplified DLC

Changelog for Amplified Patch 2.43 (added 13 March 2017):

New character: Diamond

- Complete zone 5 to unlock
- Use key combos to move diagonally
- Up+down uses bomb
- Left+right uses item

New mode: hard mode

- More enemies in each room
- Most rooms have a sarcophagus that spawns enemies and is immune to weapon damage
- Exit rooms have two minibosses instead of one
- Boss floors have minibosses added
- No trap doors
- Moddable via necrodancer.xml
- Add items: monkey paw, bomb charm
- Update art: cookies, ice familiar
- Update localizations
- Add seeded version of no return mode
- Courage: protect against gorgon & water ball attacks
- Cursed wraith: change to be consistent with monkeys/gorgons/etc (the wraith won't die if its attack fails because of courage iframe, and non-courage iframes don't protect against it)
- Change rat familiar hit direction to point away from the player
- Change's harp's diagonal attacks to use diagonal hit direction
- Modify BasicSeek to correctly chase diagonal movement, leaping boots movement, lunging boots movement
- Enchant weapon scroll on dagger: allow all the special daggers as results (not only jeweled)
- Fortissimole: adjust FM3 & FM5 misc enemy types to be more fair
- Fortissimole: adjust stage position slightly to give one more row of tiles in arena
- Fortissimole: destroying speakers stops spawns from them
- Fortissimole: clear more of the stage when battle ends
- Fortissimole: destroy floor gold when digging
- Fortissimole: enemy spawns have a longer delay before movement
- Make replays work for no return mode, hard mode, and their seeded versions
- Give no return mode & hard mode their own leaderboards
- Fix crash when dead ringer is non-fatally knocked back by earth spell after the player skipped the previous beat
- Fix trap door miniboss not working with shrine of sacrifice
- Fix shopkeep ghost existence changing which shrine is present
- Fix leaderboard select menu to make more sense for story mode, deathless, all chars
- Fortissimole: fix bug where if he is frozen on stage and bombed out, he is invulnerable until unfrozen
- Fix Fortissimole dirt pile showing on wrong tile after being knocked back (such as by ring of war)
- Don't spawn grenade charm for dove & eli
- Fix horizontal jitter of text in lobby
- Revert accidental change to dragon seeking behavior in arenas & Dead Ringer
- Eli: remove bomb charm from his item pool
- Fix frozen Fortissimole burrowing when hit
- Fix shrine of rhythm not skipping trap door penalty box
- Don't use half localization for no return stairs (they require re-localization)
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Changelog for Amplified Patch 2.45 / (Windows, Linux and Mac) (added 19 April 2017):

- New items: tomes
- New rare items: magic food
- Eli: add zero-damage knockback attack
- Nerf lucky charm's crate boost to be much weaker than ring of luck's (which stays the same)
- Ring of mana: double cooldown speed
- Make heavy glass armor heavy (like heavy plate and lead boots), so it prevents wind spells, etc.
- Update localization XML
- Fix crash when swapping between backpack and holster
- Fix boss shrine not stacking with hard mode
- Fix uncertainty slot persisting through enchant weapon & some shrine usage
- Fix practice skull spawns to not drop gold
- Don't drop holster for Diamond from bombed uncertainty shrine
- Some localization fixes to Brazilian Portuguese, German, Korean, Russian
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Changelog for Amplified Patch 2.53 and Out of GID Release (added 12 Julyl 2017):

- The AMPLIFIED DLC has been completed and is no longer in development!
- Two new final bosses: Frankensteinway and ??????
- All 6 of Nocturna's final story cutscenes!
- Two new playable characters: Mary and Tempo!
- Three new modes: Phasing mode, Randomizer Mode, Mystery Mode!
- Two new items: Pulse spell, Ring of Uncertainty
- All new achievements for the DLC content!
- A new option to replace the shopkeeper's singing with Nicolas Daoust's vocals!
- New music from Virt for zone 5 and Fortissimole!
- TONS of other fixes and tweaks!
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Changelog for Amplified Patch 2.55 (added 21 July 2017):

- Aria Deathless Leaderboard now properly configured
- Zone 5 variants of bosses (ex: Deep Blues, King Conga, etc) added to Level Editor
- Fortissimole added to Level Editor
- Fixed issue where the camera would break if you attacked an Electric Orb projectile while wearing a Crown of Teleportation
- Now able to dig walls generated with Earth Spell with level-0 dig.
- Frankensteinway electric floor tiles no longer ignore iframes, Ring of Courage, Shield Spell, etc.
- Tempo: Enchant Scroll & Telepathy Circlet removed from pool; Gold weapons put back into pool
- Tempo: Timer now resets when he picks up items out of containers (Barrels/Crates) and loose Bombs.
- Hard Mode Sarcophagi are immune to Fear Scroll.
- Nightmare’s shadow no longer affects power meters on the batteries.
- Mary: when standing on top of the Lamb, Fortissimole’s splash damage no longer kills the Lamb.
- Mary: fixed issue where Coral Riff couldn’t hurt the Lamb at all
- Earth Spell can no longer push Frankensteinway's Electric Orbs on top of the switches.
- Mary & Bolt: base spear removed from item pool (so you can no longer find duplicate base spears in chests)
- Mary Phasing mode: Lamb now follows Mary into the wall.
- Mystery Mode: Monocle can no longer be used to see actual items inside of containers, Shrines, etc.
- Randomizer Mode: Food Shopkeeper can’t have more than 1 HP (it was causing crashes)
- Tempo: Uncertainty Shrine removed
- Nocturna’s final boss now has a spawn limit.
- Nocturna’s final boss: fixed extra beat that was happening when the song looped.
- Pulse Spell put back into the game.
- Tempo & Mary: Throwing and picking up their starting weapons no longer breaks Low%
- Cursed Wraiths & Gorgons can no longer bypass Stairs immunity
- Nocturna’s credits video fixed
- Localization tweaks and adjustments.
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Changelog for Crypt of the NecroDancer Patch 1.29 (added 14 September 2017):

- The "change skin" option is now usable in the base game.
- The Danganronpa soundtrack will not play while using the "random soundtrack" option.
- The Shopkeeper will not sing while the Danganronpa soundtrack is used.

Changelog for Amplified Patch 2.58 (added 14 September 2017):

- Added graphics to Danganronpa/Shiren skins to work with Amplified DLC content (Quartz Armor, Heavy Glass Armor, glowing outline while on a wire).
- Various localization corrections.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed bug where if you used custom music for King Conga, it affected Nocturna’s final boss fights as well.
- Re-fixed bug where Food Shopkeeper could have more than 1 hp in Randomizer mode and it would crash the game.
- Coda: put enemies back in for King Conga 5.
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Changelog for Update (07 May 2020):

- added support for macOS 10.15 Catalina

Mac standalone installer, and that of its DLC, updated: 1.29(DLC 2.59) ⇒ 1.29(DLC 2.59) B.
We're missing quite a bit of changelog, so here we go.

Update 3.0.0

List of New Features in v3.0.0

Fixed a big that granted achievements for No Beat Mode (sorry)

No Beat Mode
Added No Beat mode, enabling Bard-like gameplay for any character. Yes, even Aria for anyone who would like to experience the game’s story in an easier way!

Save and Quit Anytime
Added a Save and Quit feature to allow exiting the game and resuming the session later. The session is also automatically saved when closing the game window. Suspended and resumed runs can be submitted to the Deathless, Story and All-Characters leaderboards.

Greatly Reduced Load Times
Greatly reduced loading time when starting the game by streaming more resources on demand.

Updated Controller and Steam Deck Support
Added improved controller support via Steam Input, with gamepad-specific button symbols and Steam Deck support.

Controls and Input Improvements
Added various improvements to the controls and input system.
Added the ability to assign multiple keys or buttons to the same action.
Added support for custom multi-key combos for any in-game action.
Most menu controls can now be customized.
Mouse buttons can now be assigned to in-game actions.
Added a menu for quickly switching between keyboard/controller schemes for co-op players.

Custom Music Overhaul
Added an overhauled custom music system with the ability to save multiple playlists and switch between them.
Audio files in the MP3, OGG and FLAC formats are supported.
Beat detection is performed in the background, allowing more songs to be selected in the meantime.
Special tracks (story bosses, training, tutorial) can also be customized.
Imported songs and their beatmaps can be previewed directly in the Custom Music menu.
On Linux, a native file chooser dialog is now used in place of the in-game selection menu.

New and Improved Co-op
Added dynamic view scaling for local co-op sessions when players move away from each other.
Added independent per-player beatmaps in co-op mode: play any combination of Cadence, Bolt and Bard!
Each player tracks their own rhythm: the presence of a Bard or Bolt does not transfer their effects to all players.
Adjusted the behavior of all enemies to follow the rhythm of the nearest player.

Updated Replay System
Added an advanced option to view post-death replays from the perspective of the enemy that ended the run.
Added a redesigned replay system with hotkeys for seeking through and skipping levels.
Multi-run replays (Deathless, Story, All-Characters) now record and playback gameplay across all runs.
Replays now reproduce accurate input timings for Bard, in No Beat Mode or with Custom Music enabled.
Replay auto-saving can be configured to record all runs, only victories, or no runs at all.

Added a warning to the leaderboard menu if mods or custom rules are causing the leaderboards to be disabled.
Split co-op leaderboards into 'Cadence + Cadence' and 'Mixed Characters'.
Changed Custom Music leaderboards to also include No-Beat Mode and other rhythm customizations.
Added Low% speedrun leaderboards, tracking the fastest completion times without the use of items or shrines.
Added offline saving for achievements and stats, synchronizing them automatically once the connection is re-established.
Meeting an achievement's unlock condition while offline will grant the achievement upon reconnecting.

Speedrun Timer
In the All-Characters selection room, the speedrun timer is now always paused, including on intermediate characters.
Completing a partial run in All-Characters or Story mode no longer shows a confirmation menu while letting the speedrun timer continue.
On boss floors, the speedrun timer is always paused until the first move, even if the "Show boss intros" option is unchecked.
Waiting out a custom song now adds a time penalty of up to the original song's full duration to the speedrun timer.
This ensures that extremely short custom songs can't be used to gain an advantage on the leaderboards.

Quality of Life Updates
Added an audible countdown when unpausing to get back into the rhythm. The length of this countdown can be configured in the settings, or it can be turned off altogether.
Added a new latency calibration assistant that matches the BPM of the current song.
Added the ability to paste into text boxes (such as the run seed) by pressing *Control+V*.
Added the ability to toggle AMPLIFIED content on or off without restarting the game.
This also changes which set of leaderboards can be viewed and submitted to.

Menu and Options
Added "Custom Rules" menu, allowing various gameplay settings to be tweaked. This disables leaderboard submissions.
Added a menu for gameplay quirks - obscure mechanics or bugs from previous versions that can be toggled on or off.
Added support for unlocking the game's framerate beyond 60 FPS.
Added options to change the game's view scaling mode.
Added options to customize the intensity of screenshake, particles and freeze frames.
Added an option to show advanced settings, unlocking many additional customization options for experienced players.
Added a hotkey for searching through menus (*Control+F*). The following menus are supported: Options, Custom Rules, Mods, Reassign Controls, Select Replay, Load/Save Dungeon.

Better Modding Capabilities
Added a fully redesigned mod loader and modding menus. Multiple mods can be loaded at once, and their override priority can be customized. This includes mods altering `necrodancer.xml`: changes will be merged together in priority order. `necrodancer.xml` mods created without the AMPLIFIED DLC can now be loaded even if the DLC is enabled. Mods can be loaded in the middle of a run without requiring a restart. The Mods menu now displays thumbnails, authors and descriptions from the Steam Workshop. Subscribing to a mod while the game is running now downloads it automatically. Active mod downloads now indicate their progress in an overlay while in the lobby or in a menu.
Added a text-based translation/localization system. This allows for the creation of fan translations without needing to edit any image files. Translation template files are available in the same CSV-based format used by the game.

New Custom Level Editor
Added a new level editor with many additional features and improvements to the control scheme.
The level editor can now be used with a mouse, keyboard, or controller.
- Various shape tools are available for placing tiles and objects: freeform pen, line, filled/outlined rectangle.
- Using the eyedropper hotkey (*Q*), existing tiles and objects can be quickly selected for further placement.
- The eraser tool (*Right-click*) adaptively deletes objects, walls, or floors based on the starting point of the pen stroke.
- A selection tool allows cutting, copying, pasting, moving, and deleting rectangular sections of the level.
- Tiles and objects are grouped into categories, which can be quickly navigated by pressing *Tab*.
- The contents of the side panel can be filtered by pressing *Control+F*.
- The side panel can be resized by clicking and dragging, or by changing the editor options.
- Almost every type of tile/object in the game can now be placed in custom dungeons, including bosses.
- Multiple items, enemies or other same-category objects can be stacked on one tile by holding *Shift* while placing them.
- The player spawn point can now be moved around using the 'Move objects' tool.
- The contents of chests, crates and urns can be customized by placing items (or enemies!) on them.
- Existing custom dungeons can be imported into the level editor and are automatically converted into the new dungeon format.
- Levels in custom dungeons can be reordered, duplicated and renamed.
- Boss songs and special tracks can be chosen in custom levels, allowing the usual song-length time limit to be removed.
- When generating procedural levels for custom dungeons, a fixed seed can now be optionally specified.
- The size of generated boss levels can be customized, altering the arena size and the number of boss minions.
- Boss levels in custom dungeons can now be modified in the editor after being generated, and will save their changes.
- Story bosses can be added to custom dungeons.
- Newly generated levels can be quickly rerolled with the same settings, but a different seed.
- When using a controller, grid-aligned and gyroscopic controls are supported for cursor movement.
- Hotkeys are available for Quick Save (*Control+S*), Test Level (*F5*), Undo/Redo (*Control+Z* / *+Y*) and many other actions.
- All mouse, keyboard and controller bindings can be customized.

Updated System Requirements
On all systems, at least 4 GB of RAM are required, and 8 GB or more are recommended for best performance.
On Windows, a 32-bit or 64-bit installation of Windows 7 or greater is required.
On MacOS, a 64-bit installation and MacOS version 10.10 or greater is required.
On Linux, a 64-bit installation of Ubuntu 18.04 or SteamOS 3.0 is required.
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Update 3.0.0 continued…

Crash and Desync Fixes
Fixed crash when using an Electric Dagger to knock an enemy into a Rat Familiar.
Fixed crash when using the Boots of Lunging to move instruments around in Nocturna's final boss.
Fixed crash when loading a workshop mod with invalid images or audio files.
Fixed some text not being colored correctly in non-English languages.
- Fixed desync when using more than one item or spell after stepping on the exit stairs.
- Fixed desync when using healing items to block damage from Spike Traps.
- Fixed desync when 'Enable Particles' option differs between replay recording and playback.
- Fixed desync when performing rapid inputs during the song transition of Cadence's final boss.
- Fixed desync when moving rapidly as Bard.
- Fixed desync when Nocturna's final boss summons enemies.
- Fixed desync when an Armored Skeleton spawns from a Sarcophagus.
- Fixed desync when changing a replay's playback speed.
- Fixed desync when resizing the game window during a run.
- Fixed desync when a Blast Helm explosion is used to defend against a Fireball.
- Fixed desync between Windows and MacOS/Linux when the player is diagonally aligned with a digging miniboss.

Did we miss anything? Send us feedback directly through the game!
Added an in-game 'Send Feedback' menu to share bug reports, suggestions, and other feedback with the developers. Gameplay screenshots, replays and log files can optionally be attached to bug reports. For full transparency, the contents of feedback reports can be viewed in all their technical glory prior to submission.

Make sure to give us a follow on Twitter and join our Discord too!
Update v3.0.0-b1560:

Hey everyone! Hope you've enjoyed the big v3.0.0 update so far! We wanted to push out a quick hotfix dealing with some of the bigger issues before the long weekend.

Fixed save file progression from previous game versions not being imported correctly from the Steam Cloud
Fixed the Holster eating stored weapons when entering the next floor
Fixed Dove being able to find Shovels
Fixed Skeleton Knights being able to spawn as lords
Fixed the Monocle not revealing gold piles and diamonds embedded in walls
Fixed speedrun timer not pausing in the All Character selection room after the first loop
Fixed Rifle, Blunderbuss and Crossbows not displaying the "Reloaded!" flyaway
Fixed Monkeys gaining too much health when grabbing a player in Randomizer mode
Fixed red chess pieces dropping blue particles
Fixed provoked secret shopkeepers not always moving to the bottom-right after the player leaves the shop
Fixed Dove not being able to unlock progression content in single-zones
Fixed Spiders falling off the walls of trapdoor penalty boxes
Fixed bombs not exploding within a secret shop while the player is on the main floor
Fixed Tempo not always spawning a Sarcophagus on boss floors
Fixed Obsidian Armor being absorbed on pickup when AMPLIFIED content is disabled
Fixed freeze spell's duration ticking down on boss enemies before entering the arena
Fixed the coin multiplier not being lost when failing to dig a wall while the Boots of Leaping are equipped
Fixed the Pawnbroker not leaving behind a large gold pile
Fixed Shrine of War not applying to Dead Ringer's minibosses
Fixed being unable to skip parts of Nocturna's final boss fight using the Boots of Lunging (this was possible in v2.59)

There are also a couple of bugs specifically with XBOX controllers and Linux that we're still looking at, but here are some workarounds:
In order for controllers to work, Steam Input must be enabled for Crypt of the NecroDancer. If you press a controller button on the intro screen, the controller will automatically be activated.
Xbox 360 controllers are too sensitive to diagonal inputs. This can be fixed by changing the D-Pad mode from "8-directional" to "4-directional" in the Steam Input controller configuration.
The Linux version does not boot up from Steam on some distributions. To fix this, open the game's properties in the Steam library, navigate to the "Compatibility" tab, enable "Force the use of a specific Steam Play compatibility tool", and choose the "Steam Linux Runtime"

We are also aware that mods published in v3.0.0 are not yet visible on the Workshop - we're working on a fix for this, stay tuned!
Update 3.0.1

Is this update coming to consoles?
This update is currently just for PC, but we would like to bring it to other platforms eventually! Feature set TBD, because certain features like custom music and mods are hard to port.

I can't change the language from English in the new update! Help!
Because we switched to a text-based localization system in version 3.0.0, we're currently in the process of migrating all existing translations to this new system. We're going to re-add all previously supported languages in an upcoming patch. Until then, the Legacy Client (available as a Steam launch option) still allows you to play the game in supported languages!

How can I access No Beat Mode?
Open the Menu
Go to Custom Rules -- > Gameplay Options --> Extra Modes
Change Rhythm: Regular --> Rhythm: No Beat Mode

Now onto the patch notes!

New Features and Changes
Added an option to delete all save data to the 'Gameplay Options' menu
Added Steam Cloud synchronization for 'Save & Quit' states, progression and settings
Added progress display when resuming saved sessions
Added the ability to discard saved sessions while loading and return to the lobby instead
Added warning message about achievements/leaderboards when trying to edit custom rules for the first time
Added support for placing Gold, Blood and Diamond price tags in the level editor
Added support for turning enemies into Lords in the level editor
Added support for reducing the player's starting health in the level editor
Added support for looping any song in the level editor

Changed the timing window for multikey combos from 30 ms to 50 ms, making them much easier to hit
Changed Steam Workshop integration to load mods directly, without first extracting them to `downloaded_mods`
Changed the character skin selection menu to highlight the currently active skin
Changed the character skin selection menu to list only skins from locally installed mods or active workshop mods. For convenience, we've added a shortcut to open the mod browser from the character skin selection menu
Changed Quick Restart hotkey to be inactive during All Characters, Story and Deathless runs past the first loop
Changed the 'PixieRapier' quirk to enable more finegrained control over the interaction
Changed mutliline text prompts to allow leaving them by pressing the *Down Arrow* key on the last line

General Bugfixes
Performance & Stability
Fixed framerate drops when loading textures or updating the minimap
Fixed framerate drops when a sound effect is played for the first time
Fixed framerate drops when opening the 'Mods' menu for the first time in a session
Fixed the Linux build not launching from Steam unless the Steam Linux Runtime is enabled
Fixed a crash related to the Steam API failing to initialize
Fixed intermittent game freezes caused by the 'Enable Performance Logging' advanced setting

Save & Quit
Fixed 'Save & Quit' sometimes failing to save very long runs
Fixed 'Save & Quit' causing active extra modes not to reset after returning to the lobby

Achievements & Leaderboards
Fixed Single Zone Mode not granting "In the Zone" achievements
Fixed Deathless runs not submitting to their intended leaderboards
Fixed Deathless leaderboards not being displayed correctly in the menu

Audio & Soundtrack
Fixed all characters starting on the DannyB soundtrack, instead of their respective default soundtracks
Fixed 'Change Soundtrack' menu not always listing all available artists
Fixed soundtracks being listed in the wrong order in 'Change Soundtrack' menu
Fixed music playing at a higher volume than intended
Fixed 'Custom Music' menu failing to load files from paths with special characters
Fixed character soundtrack settings not being imported from pre3.0 savefile
Fixed 'Nicolas Daoust as Shopkeeper' setting not being imported from pre3.0 savefile
Fixed Banshees screaming at an incorrect volume

Steam Workshop & Modding
Fixed mods and custom dungeons uploaded prior in 3.0.0 not being visible on the Steam Workshop. Existing submissions are migrated automatically when first launching 3.0.1. The old items may still remain on the Workshop, but will not be visible to other players.
Fixed subscribed mods being reinstalled on every launch
Fixed a crash when generating levels if the starting build was modified in `necrodancer.xml`
Fixed starting build modifications in `necrodancer.xml` not always being applied correctly
Fixed `isPiercing` flag not working in `necrodancer.xml` mods
Fixed 'Change Skin' menu displaying a white square if a modded skin file is deleted
Fixed Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese characters not displaying in community translations. The available set of characters can be controlled by adding an entry for `translation.fontVariant` to the CSV file. Supported values are `JP` (default), `KR`, `SC` and `TC`

Fixed non-AMPLIFIED intro video not playing
Fixed Aria's cutscenes playing in a different order than intended
Fixed cutscenes not being disabled in replay mode
Fixed zone completion cutscenes not being skippable immediately
Fixed quick restart hotkey restarting the run if pressed during a cutscene, instead of skipping it
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Update 3.0.1 (continued)

Input & Menus
Fixed Xbox 360 Controller not displaying the appropriate button prompts in the HUD
Fixed Player 2's controls being mapped to the same bindings as Player 1 by default
Fixed simultaneous keypresses not always being accepted by the "Reassign controls" menu
Fixed certain keys (such as Numpad 5 or nonQWERTY keys) not being assignable on Windows
Fixed excessive log output when certain controller drivers are managed by Steam Input
Fixed options menu search query carrying over into submenus
Fixed the game not always pausing when switching focus to another application
Fixed unpause countdown being active during boss intro
Fixed 'Custom Rules' menu listing gameplay option overrides while 'Show advanced settings' is disabled

Level Editor
Fixed level editor being affected by autopause on focus loss
Fixed level editor overlay sometimes persisting when returning to the lobby
Fixed level editor overlay disappearing when loading a preset in the Custom Rules menu
Fixed level editor duplicating Shrines when saving or testing levels
Fixed level editor failing to save levels containing Rising Floor tiles
Fixed level editor being "winnable" by placing a player on an exit staircase, causing a softlock

Gameplay Fixes
Fixed Shopkeeper Ghost dropping gold for Monk
Fixed Moles not moving away immediately upon being tickled by Dove
Fixed Shop Wall Mimics sometimes leaving a floating wall torch behind
Fixed 'Orb Bump' quirk not protecting the player from moving into Electric Orbs via weapon recoil or courage
Fixed crates and barrels containing an abnormally large number of Skeletons and Monkeys
Fixed enemies not always moving immediately in trapdoor penalty boxes
Fixed Spiders sometimes falling off the wall on their own in Training Mode
Fixed unrevealed enemies not taking damage from the player's bombs
Fixed Wired Zombies being immune to phasing damage
Fixed Ghasts and Ghouls teleporting to the incorrect position when damaged by a player's bomb
Fixed Headless Skeletons, Armadillos and Barrels not being redirected correctly by Earth Spell and Boots of Lunging
Fixed Skeleton Knights killed by piercing damage dropping their gold in the wrong location
Fixed Yellow/Black Skeleton Knights losing their head when knocked off their horse at 1 heart
Fixed Evil Eyes charging instantly when randomized to a lower speed in Randomizer Mode
Fixed Tar Monsters gaining too much health when grabbing the player in Randomizer Mode

Fixed Red Dragons in boss trapdoor penalty boxes immediately being ready to charge a breath attack at the player
Fixed Green, Blue and Earth Dragons being revealed in trapdoor penalty boxes while Shrine of Darkness is active
Fixed Red and Blue Dragons being able to attack and inhale in the same beat

Fixed Coral Riff's tentacles dropping gold for Monk after being banished to the side walls of the arena
Fixed Death Metal beginning to summon skeletons even when the player is nearby
Fixed runs not counting as Low% if Dorian picks up an item on Cadence's final boss battle
Fixed Ogres not being able to attack Dorian with their Club on Cadence's final boss
Fixed Dorian receiving training weapons on Cadence's final boss
Fixed Dorian being unable to use exit stairs in Training Mode for Cadence's final boss
Fixed Melody's final boss not casting bombs during phase 2
Fixed Armadillos, Wind Mages and Liches being delayed by an extra beat at the start of a boss fight
Fixed Crown of Greed draining gold while the boss intro is open
Fixed Crown of Teleportation sometimes teleporting the player into the hallway below the boss arena
Fixed electric arcs from the Golden Lute not discharging batteries when practising for Nocturna's final boss

Fixed Aria encountering Ooze Golems when AMPLIFIED content is disabled
Fixed Aria encountering the wrong minibosses in Zone 1 and Zone 4 when AMPLIFIED content is disabled
Fixed Aria finding too many Diamonds in Zone 1 and 2, and too few in Zone 3, 4 and 5

Fixed Nocturna finding floating Wallpigs in Zone 4
Fixed Nocturna being able to place bombs while in Bat Form
Fixed Nocturna's penultimate boss being targeted by longrange weapons while its shield is active
Fixed Shield Generators in Nocturna's penultimate boss not turning off when displaced by Boots of Lunging
Fixed Skeletons sometimes surviving past the end of Nocturna's final boss fight

Fixed Mary's lamb respawning with more health than intended if Mary reaches the next floor before the curse kills her
Fixed Deep Blues' pawns performing an illegal move to capture Mary's lamb
Fixed 'Familiar Displacement' quirk applying to Mary's lamb
Fixed Gorgons being able to move through Mary's lamb
Fixed sad sheep noises playing despite Mary offering her protection

Fixed Tempo's damage countdown not resetting when the Heart Transplant's effect wears off
Fixed Tempo's damage countdown not resetting when interacting with shrines or chests multiple times
Fixed Tempo finding the Shrine of Uncertainty in runs
Fixed Tempo finding a Fear Scroll instead of an Enchant Scroll inside of an activated Shrine of Peace

Fixed weapons persisting across floors after being stored in a Holster
Fixed Miner's Cap + Courage Shovel allowing Diamond to dash two tiles at once
Fixed exit stairs not protecting against Cursed Wraiths
Fixed some levels generating with a locked shop, but without a bomb to open it
Fixed urns sometimes dropping items inside walls
Fixed Ring of Luck and Lucky Charm cancelling out each other's effects
Fixed Compass not displaying an arrow for unrevealed onscreen staircases
Fixed Compass not revealing open staircases for Dove
Fixed Monkeys being affected by Ring of Frost while grabbing the player

Shrines & Traps
Fixed Shrine of War causing Red Bats to appear for Aria, Coda and Bolt
Fixed Shrine of Glass replacing Dove's headgear with a Glass Jaw
Fixed Teleport Traps and Dove's bombs failing to teleport frozen characters
Fixed freshly deleted trapdoors still eating items

Fixed extraneous player characters spawning in the lobby when rapidly stepping on the 'coop' stairs
Fixed Ring of Phasing appearing in the Janitor's item selection when AMPLIFIED content is enabled

Visual Fixes
Fixed duplicate "New character unlocked!" notification displaying for Dorian
Fixed Melody's final boss having a slightly incorrect visual offset during phase 2
Fixed beat bars not turning red when nearing the end of Melody's final boss battle
Fixed incorrect boss intro screen layout when resizing the game window
Fixed Pixies sometimes appearing silhouetted
Fixed screenshake effect playing when pushing a crate
Fixed Monocle item previews sometimes being obscured by their container
Fixed crates and barrels sometimes showing a different Monocle item preview from their actual contents
Fixed 'Orthogonalization' Quirk labeling a nondefault option as 'Default'
Fixed Gold/Blood Weapons continuing to glow after touching a Shrine of Glass while their damage boost effect is active
Fixed Blue Slimes playing their tell animation incorrectly
Fixed incorrect animation when triggering Crown of Teleportation
Fixed Harpies displaying a diagonal attack animation if a player died on the same beat
Fixed Goblin Sentries displaying invalid sprites while asleep in Mystery mode

Known Issues
Monkeys can appear in Barrels and emerge from Hard Mode Sarcophagi for Aria in Zone 4.
*SpikeChunsoft* skins are currently only available for characters with a matching sprite size, causing some of them to be absent from the skin selector of any character
Because we switched to a textbased localization system in version 3.0.0, we're currently in the process of migrating all existing translations to this new system. We're going to re-add all previously supported languages in an upcoming patch. Until then, the Legacy Client (available as a Steam launch option) still allows you to play the game in supported languages!
Update v3.0.2
Crypt of the NecroDancer v3.0.2 is now available! Localizations return in this update,

New Features and Changes

Localizations are back! Thanks for your patience while we worked on these.

Added automatic language detection based on Steam client preference
Added translations for the following languages: German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

Translation Mods
Added option to create a new language mod with a translation template via the language selection menu
Added support for loading translations from the Steam Workshop. Translation CSV files should be placed in a `languages` subfolder inside the mod's root directory
Added support for layering language modifications on top of existing translations. For this to work, mods should name their translation files according to the language ISO-code (e.g. `languages/de_DE.csv`). Supported language codes are: `en_US`, `de_DE`, `fr_FR`, `it_IT`, `es_ES`, `ja_JP`, `pt_BR`, `ru_RU`, `ko_KR`, `zh_CN`, `zh_TW`. In addition, if a mod provides a file called `languages/all.csv`, text strings can be injected across all languages
Added support for overriding English strings in language mods (via `languages/en_US.csv`)
Added support for overriding text strings across all languages in mods (via `languages/all.csv`)

Point Symmetric Co-op HUD Mode
Player 2's HUD is mirrored horizontally and vertically, allowing the icons and text to be displayed at a larger scale
This is enabled by default on the Steam Deck to improve readability
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Update v3.0.2 (continued)

Skin Mods Support
Added an advanced setting to enable selecting skins for any character in the 'Change Skin' menu
Added support for selecting non-AMPLIFIED character skins from mods while AMPLIFIED content is enabled. When standing on a wire, the character is displayed as normal instead of displaying an electricity effect. When Quartz or Heavy Glass armor is equipped, the character sprite is shown without the armor

UI and HUD Additions
Added pause menu indicator and run introduction text to indicate that Custom Rules or `necrodancer.xml` mods are active
Added compatibility with "Words to Arrows" and other workshop mods that tweak the key combo HUD text
Added an option to show default HUD text for each input map to the 'Reassign controls' menu

Calibration Additions
Added auto-calibration for audio latency, increasing/decreasing effective latency to match early/late beats
Added a grace period of 50 milliseconds immediately following a valid input. During this time, missed beats are silently ignored instead of causing the coin multiplier to be lost

Level Editor
Added the ability to quickly switch to the level editor's category list and dismiss searches by right clicking the object panel

New Launch Parameters for Steam Cloud and Native Controller Support
Added launch parameter `--no-steam-cloud` to disable Steam Cloud synchronization
Added launch parameter `--no-steam-input` to disable Steam Input and enable native controller support. This should restore compatibility with Dancepads and other input devices not recognized by Steam Input. Some controller models may use non-standard button layouts, requiring manual configuration via the 'Reassign controls' menu. In addition to passing this launch option, it may be required to disable Steam Input Integration in the properties of Crypt of the NecroDancer within the Steam library

Changed skin loader to automatically apply modded skins to all characters, instead of just the currently active character
Changed level editor categorization to show wall torches in the same category as walls, instead of items
Changed replay controls to reappear when pressing a valid hotkey while viewing a replay
Changed controller auto-detection to more eagerly switch devices without having to use the 'Reassign Controls' menu
Changed travel runes to automatically generate secret shops in the level editor when an odd number of runes is placed
Changed the default multi-key combo delay from 50ms to 40ms to reduce the likelihood of late missed beats

General Bugfixes
Fixed error during item generation when restoring very long deathless runs
Fixed error when frame-perfectly pressing >4 keys at once while rebinding a key

Achievements & Leaderboards
Fixed achievements for Deathless Mode, Story Mode and All-Characters Mode not unlocking. This fix is retroactive. ! Existing leaderboard entries from 3.0.0 or 3.0.1 for these modes will be honored and cause their respective achievements to be unlocked
Fixed leaderboard submissions being enabled while the 'Quirks' feature pack is disabled
Fixed leaderboard submissions being disabled by explicitly setting a custom rule to its default value

Steam Workshop & Modding
Fixed some Spike-Chunsoft skins not being selectable in the 'Change Skin' menu
Fixed direct modifications to the `necrodancer.xml` file affecting gameplay
Fixed translation files failing to load if they contain CRLF line endings or a UTF-8 Byte Order Mark
Fixed non-functioning 'Open directory' option being shown for packaged workshop mods

Fixed unpause countdown and latency calibration click track being inaudible on low sound volumes

Level Editor
Fixed level editor sometimes turning unchanged levels into void levels when opening and saving a dungeon
Fixed level editor failing to save dungeons with special characters in their name
Fixed level editor displaying a "Press Enter to select character for player 2" prompt in local co-op
Fixed level editor resetting character choices for local co-op players
Fixed level editor not preserving the boundaries of secret shops in generated levels
Fixed playable characters not being placeable in the level editor
Fixed Shield Generators not being functional when manually placed in the level editor
Fixed Fortissimole not captivating his skeletal audience when manually placed in the level editor
Fixed Double Heart Transplant being listed in the editor, causing confusion due to its sprite
Fixed Conga Lines not dancing in sync when manually placed in the level editor
Fixed arena rooms in custom levels being cut off at the bottom after clearing the arena fight

Gameplay fixes
Fixed Monkeys appearing in Zone 4 for Aria and Coda
Fixed Sarcophagi in Hard Mode and Practice Mode not being delayed when failing to spawn an enemy
Fixed Wired Zombies being immune to bombs and the Rat Familiar
Fixed Armadillos and Minotaurs recovering from their post-charge stun while frozen
Fixed Pixies inflicting damage to the player when knocked away by Ring of War
Fixed Electric Mages firing electric orbs while going down trapdoors
Fixed Beetles not unshelling immediately when spawning adjacent to a player
Fixed enemies sometimes attempting to track players in the secret shop for one beat
Fixed Goblin Sentries being excessively noisy when playing co-op with different character rhythms

Fixed Banshees not deafening the player when damaged by a Rat Familiar
Fixed Hard Mode minibosses not being affected by Ring of Peace and Ring of War

Fixed promoted Deep Blues Queens sometimes dealing 0 damage in Randomizer Mode
Fixed Fortissimole's summoned Liches immediately tracking the player
Fixed Death Metal sometimes failing to play music if AMPLIFIED content is not installed and the FamilyJules7x soundtrack is active
Fixed minibosses spawned in Cadence's penultimate boss fight sometimes acting twice in a row
Fixed Aria's final boss being stunned for one beat when hit with a Ring of Frost or Frost Dagger
Fixed Nocturna's penultimate boss sometimes summoning minibosses after being defeated
Fixed the exit room of Nocturna's penultimate boss having exposed void tiles
Fixed the shield of Nocturna's penultimate boss not inflicting retaliation damage when hit by a bomb or Rat Familiar
Fixed Gold Weapons carrying their damage boost across level transitions

Fixed Coda dying when taking 'Back to Lobby' stairs in Training Mode
Fixed Dorian's Boots of Leaping being toggled on in the character selection room of All Characters runs
Fixed Dove being chased down by bats after tickling them twice in a row
Fixed Dove's coin multiplier not increasing when tickling the same enemy multiple times
Fixed Eli finding bombs inside of crates when Ring of Luck or Lucky Charm is equipped
Fixed Mary's lamb getting hit by Evil Eyes from a distance
Fixed Mary's lamb not causing Fortissimole to pop out of the ground when diagonally adjacent
Fixed Mary's lamb not showing up in the kill-perspective post-death replay when dying to Mary's Curse
Fixed Monk's/Coda's forced gold drop from boss minions not being cleared out by explosions in some cases
Fixed Nocturna being invisible while inside of a wall in Bat Form if Phasing Mode is enabled
Fixed Nocturna getting healed by Ring of Regeneration in Bat Form

Fixed Dagger of Phasing not allowing attacks from inside walls
Fixed players with a Shovel of Courage not giving way to other players trying to move onto their previous tile in local co-op
Fixed Glass Shards not counting as a base shovel/dagger for Scroll of Need
Fixed Heart Transplant not granting protection against missed beats from standing still when its effect ends
Fixed player-placed bombs failing to damage non-aggro'd enemies when when quirks are disabled
Fixed Fireball Spell hitting the same enemy twice if it teleports from the right side of the attack range into the left side
Fixed War Drum not causing the player to yell on their next attack
Fixed Ninja Mask not granting immunity to traps

Fixed Shrine of Rhythm inflicting damage upon taking a trapdoor
Fixed Shrine of Darkness not removing Nightmare shadows
Fixed Wind Gargoyles and Gargoyles Mimics not counting towards the Shrine of Sacrifice
Fixed Shrine of Darkness affecting the character selection room in All Characters Mode
Fixed Shrine of Uncertainty not causing the previous weapon to be holstered if possible
Fixed players not being teleported back into the Shriner's room when destroying the shrines and trying to flee
Fixed 'No Return' square incorrectly dealing damage when the 'Spell Prevpos' quirk is active

Fixed Leprechaun dropping Lucky Charm when killed by a bomb trap
Fixed Spike Traps not killing Devils or 5-health Leprechauns immediately
Fixed Hard Mode Sarcophagi spawning enemies on traps

Fixed Single-Zones bonus chests spawning before the corresponding lobby upgrade is unlocked
Fixed locked doors consuming keys intended for lobby NPC cages

Visual Fixes
Fixed Nocturna's final boss being affected by Mystery Mode
Fixed Nocturna's story bosses displaying incorrect sprites in Mystery Mode
Fixed holster not displaying a flyaway when automatically swapping the weapon
Fixed Goblins not always facing the correct direction
Fixed off-screen enemies leaving a trail of red dots when telepathy is active
Fixed visual orientation of Mushrooms and Waterballs
Fixed minimap not updating while in a secret shop
Fixed Monocle item previews not hovering independently of each other

Known Issues
On Windows, creating a Workshop Mod or using the "Open Directory" option does not launch the File Explorer. The directories are still created correctly and can be accessed by manually browsing the game's local files.
Update v3.03

Crypt of the NecroDancer v3.0.3 is now available! We'd like to give a special thank you to community member Elyscape who provided extensive support for the MacOS ARM64 build. NecroDancer v3.0.3 should now run correctly on Apple M1 devices!

New features and changes
Added support for playing the Daily Challenge in co-op mode
Added the ability to manually create a beatmap by tapping to the rhythm when importing custom music
Added support for changing the skin of Mary's Lamb via workshop mods
Added keyboard shortcut to open a dungeon in the level editor (defaults to Ctrl+O, can be remapped in the options)

Changed the minimap to display players as blinking blue pixels
Changed the Conjurer's and Transmogrifier's price overflow behavior to be controlled by a quirk
Changed Tempo's ability to get infinite countdown resets from an unaffordable chest to be controlled by a quirk

General Bugfixes
Fixed MacOS build not starting up on Apple Silicon devices when running in native ARM64 mode. Huge thanks to Elyscape for their help with this fix!

Steam Workshop & Modding
Fixed custom music failing to be imported on Windows for users with special characters in their username
Fixed some skins rendering incorrectly while standing on a wire
Fixed Nocturna skins displaying her human head sprite in Bat Form
Fixed modded character skins applying incorrectly when only the head spritesheet or only the body spritesheet is replaced

Level Editor
Fixed shop floor not being available in the level editor
Fixed level editor spawning additional characters in player-locked levels
Fixed level editor prompting about unsaved changes when loading a dungeon, even if no unsaved changes are present
Fixed Pre-Angered Pawnbroker being invincible when placed in the editor

Fixed certain keyboard keys being incorrectly recognized as alphabetical keys on Windows

Gameplay Fixes
Fixed goblin sentries repeatedly screaming when waking up while out of sight or frozen
Fixed clones using the Cadence clone sprite, regardless of the character being played
Fixed Hard Mode Sarcophagi sometimes spawning as lords
Fixed Shop Wall Mimics leaving floating torches behind
Fixed Sleeping Gargoyle Mimics not being killable by piercing damage
Fixed Moles spawning on tar tiles
Fixed phasing Moles getting stuck behind walls in Randomizer Mode
Fixed Leprechaun taking longer than intended to disappear
Fixed spirits sometimes spawning inside other enemies when the player gains telepathy
Fixed Super Secret Shopkeeper and Lobby NPCs being vulnerable to weapon damage

Fixed Coral Riff tentacles moving too quickly in Randomizer Mode
Fixed knockback sometimes incorrectly applying to Deep Blues after teleporting
Fixed Devils summoned by Fortissimole moving too quickly
Fixed Fortissimole acting one beat too early after the player enters his arena

Fixed Dove's bombs dealing damage to enemies instead of teleporting them
Fixed gold picked up by Monk/Coda not being added to the run's total score
Fixed Crown of Greed working for Monk/Coda
Fixed Skulls dropping a gold coin for Monk/Coda
Fixed 'Previous Position' quirk not accurately replicating 2.59's behavior for Bard
Fixed Nocturna's Bat Form sprite being cut off after transforming in water

Fixed Fireball spell always knocking enemies to the right, instead of away from the player
Fixed Conjurer and Transmogrifier refusing to spawn items on top of their transaction panels
Fixed pushback from unaffordable items causing the No Return Tile to deal damage
Fixed invisible lingering collision box when stepping on the No Return tile while wearing a Crown of Teleportation
Fixed possible desync when 'Spell Prevpos' quirk is enabled

Fixed some Tempo Up Traps on King Conga being replaced with Confusion Traps
Fixed Hot Coals not dealing damage to players stepping onto the tile via a Bounce Trap

Fixed lobby animations sometimes being sped up after increasing replay playback speed

Visual Fixes
Fixed Mystery Mode attempting to conceal the sprite of the No Return tile
Fixed revealed enemies leaving behind trails of red dots on dark tiles on the minimap
Fixed lobby walls having a different color on the minimap than in 2.59
Fixed enemies on stage tiles not appearing on the minimap
Fixed health bar sometimes showing filled hearts on the death screen
Update 3.1.0

General changes for all versions
New features and additions
Enemy outlines:
Enemy silhouettes now have a faint outline, making them easier to see against dark floor tiles.
The intensity of this effect can be changed in the graphical options.
Enemies standing in total darkness or within a Nightmare’s shadow do not have outlines.
Co-op target indicators:
In co-op mode, enemies now indicate which player they are currently following via a small arrow pointing at the player.
Whenever an enemy’s target player changes, this arrow appears for a few seconds before fading out.
The visibility of these indicators can be configured in the gameplay options.
Local co-op adjustments:
Local co-op players now share their coin multipliers, gold counters and spell inventories. This also applies to Cadence and Dorian in Cadence’s final boss fight in single-player.
Local co-op players always teleport together when entering or exiting a secret shop, while online co-op players can enter and leave separately.
New international font:
Crypt of the NecroDancer now uses the Silver pixel font to display international characters.
The original vector font from previous versions can be enabled in the language options.
Workshop mod extraction:
The contents of resource packs downloaded from the Steam Workshop can now be explored by using the “open directory” option in the mod browser.
In order to use the modified resource pack, it must be copied from the downloaded_mods to mods.
Level editor improvements:
The enemy types spawned by Sarcophagi can now be customized
The item dropped by Shopkeepers can now be customized
Boss levels can now be resized freely
Added a confirmation when trying to leave the level editor when there are unsaved changes
Added a setting to mute the music in the level editor (enabled by default)
Changed the Ghost Shopkeeper to no longer sing his soothing song while in the level editor
Game window improvements:
Changed Vertical Sync to be controlled by a separate checkbox in the Display Options menu
Changed the game window to open at the appropriate resolution immediately, instead of resizing shortly after launch

Bug fixes
Fixed certain all-characters achievements not being granted
Fixed ‘8-Ball’ achievement not unlocking under the correct conditions
Fixed ‘Two Can Tango’ achievement not unlocking when playing characters other than Cadence
Fixed ‘Two Can Tango’ achievement unlocking in Single Zone mode
Fixed Mode Master achievement sometimes failing to be awarded
Fixed ‘Polyamorous’ achievement not unlocking immediately
Fixed some achievements not being unlockable when custom music is enabled
Fixed some achievements not unlocking immediately upon meeting their condition

Fixed liquid splashing sounds being audible when entering a new floor
Fixed Banshees muffling the music during instant replays
Fixed some causes of erratic timing behavior when the active audio output device is disconnected

Fixed temporary performance drops shortly after starting the game
Fixed occasional lag spikes due to garbage collection activating mid-level
Fixed lag spikes when loading certain sprites for the first time
Fixed lag spike shortly after entering a new level
Fixed saves for long deathless runs taking a long time to load
Fixed long deathless runs having increasingly high memory usage

Level editor
Fixed level editor preview cursor not displaying wires
Fixed price tag editor preview using the wrong font
Fixed Mimic contents not being visible in the level editor
Fixed level editor being affected by Multi-Character Mode setting
Fixed ‘Quick toggle play mode’ setting in the level editor not working when not using a controller
Fixed the head of Aria’s final boss not being upscaled when the body is enlarged via the level editor
Fixed Tar Monsters and Moles being invisible in the editor
Fixed Eli’s hand showing in the editor as just “Eli”

Fixed AMPLIFIED DLC not always automatically loading when starting the game
Fixed seed entry menu not allowing keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+A, Ctrl+Backspace, etc.)
Fixed non-functioning ‘Create package’ option in asset mod config menu
Fixed ‘Change Soundtrack’ menu not having any noticeable effect when Custom Music is enabled
Fixed the game window not remembering its maximization state when exiting

Fixed trapdoor penalty boxes using the wrong wall tier when playing Aria
Fixed Earthquake Scroll damaging Aria’s final boss
Fixed King Conga and Death Metal generating incorrect enemies when playing Aria with AMPLIFIED content disabled
Fixed Shrine of Phasing taking away Aria’s and Coda’s dagger
Fixed Aria sometimes getting multiple shrines per zone
Fixed Aria’s final boss not roaring when the arena is entered
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