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I've read on GOL that there will be a new update soon (if we get it over here)

The long change log contains something that has been bugging me since the first time I played the game: the new version boosts faster loading times.

Hi, will you release the update on GOG as well? Thank you!
We've got a GOG patch planned for sometime next week! :)
Hey thanks for sharing this information !

On twitter they said: "We have a patch planned for GOG sometime soon too!", next week is much better.
So… I have to say that I'm disappointed that there is no sign of the patch, yet.
Can't agree more
I shouldn't have bought Amplified after I read the announcement.
It will come sooner or later ... but delay between steam/gog would be more acceptable if we had some communication from dev team, even if it was to say there's some delay for some reason that we could understand (Integration with steam for modding may not be so seamless to port on GOG, or the hotfix they published on steam and that may have pause GOG port for a few days / weeks ...)
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Hi everyone, sorry for the wait! Updates v3.0.1 and v3.0.2 should be live on Windows now! Please note that it may take some time for the new versions to show up in the Galaxy client.

Once we've finished up Galaxy integration for the MacOS and Linux builds, we'll push them live as well!
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Great ! Thanks a lot for not forgetting us, for the patch, and for the communication here :) !
The offline installer still at 2.59, did the 3.0 updates come out?
MetalCannon2: The offline installer still at 2.59, did the 3.0 updates come out?
It seems that there have been three updates via Galaxy

Not that it is any use for me. At this point I'm even somewhat willing to use the Windows version through Wine until the native version is ready…
So it seems to be GOG's fault. I'm not sure how they will be able to make me spend any more money on their horrible customer experience ever.
Offline installers for Windows have been added to the library.
Noice! Guess they were saving it for new DLC
MetalCannon2: Noice! Guess they were saving it for new DLC
Well actually there was a second update to the offline installers with the DLC's release. Somehow GOG had lost the information that they had the files. It makes me wonder why they do not use any kind of automation that reminds them of version mismatches between offline and galaxy versions.
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