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As I have a certain fondness for this game, I have played it a whole bunch of times, and believed to have explored it thoroughly. However, it's been brought to my attention that I have never tried venturing back into the first village - Cador Sul - after returning with the Horn through the Catacombs. I always just assumed it would stay the same, even though all the levels get repopulated with different enemies, NPCs and items as the story progresses.

I should also note that I am playing on the hardest difficulty right now, which interestingly enough changes things up in the game, such as some enemy placement, item placement (notably early on, the Thunderous Hammer is completely absent from the game on Hard. Some artefacts later on also get shuffled around), and even removes the planks from those stone pillars in the big hall in the Catacombs with the swinging platforms - so that you have to hop across them. Although those planks might be absent on Normal as well, and only present on Easy - I don't recall.

So anyway, after I emerge from the catacombs, horn in my pocket. I don't just run straight to the dock to fly to the Citadel, as I always do. I go into town, go to the shopkeep, and find that he has a unique dialogue line (every single other shopkeep, and this same one when you meet him first time, say "Please, check out my fine wares" - but this one this time says something like "So, you wanna buy my wares?"), but also a unique weapon which almost doubled my damage output. This is kind of amazing, but not the point of the story here. Happy to have checked this out, I head to the Citadel, get the new task from Celestia, and go back. But once again, instead of turning straight into the Catacombs, I decide to check out the village again... And it's drastically different.

First and most obvious, the village has been taken over by the undead. There are no NPCs, and only various types of skeletons and those other Necros minions. I walk into one of the houses and what do I find? Well...

Remember those half-translucent demon thingies that you start seeing floating above some people after the old woman gives you the trinket? The guys responsible for the Dashers' madness? The guys that are materialized by a spell you find in the Glaciers - but that you never face yourself, the only case of that materialization happening in a cutscene, where the Dashers then kill the newly tangible demons?

It was one of those guys. Straight up, in the flesh, attacking me. I have seen FAQs of this game - and they all state that you don't actually face this enemy. Well, apparently you do! He has a lot of health but doesn't seem very notable otherwise. Just the fact that he is the only one in the game, and hidden.

But that's not all! The title did say TWO brand new enemy types, that's right!

So after I deal with the first guy, I make my way further through the overtaken Cador Sul. Among other foes I face some ridiculously tough minion dudes who drop the reflecting shield and the archmage's rod. And also the biggest variations of Undead that you normally only see near the end. Eventually I reach the inn on the other side of Cador Sul. When I enter, I am greeted with a whole bunch of undead, but interestingly enough, when a big guy fires his green fireball thing, the splash damage hits some other skeletons and they get angry with him, and start attacking him. That helps me deal with the situation because the big guy is distracted. Having killed everyone, I go to the second floor, and check the rooms one by one. In the first two there is nothing... but in the third there's something that blows my mind. There's a completely unique enemy, whose model you don't even see anywhere else in the game at any point, unlike the first guy that I found. It is some sort of zombified villager, like those scrawny guys in chainmail who walk around with big halberds, only this one is all scratched up, green in the face and attacking me. He also has a crapton of health, but is easy to deal with.

So yeah. I'm still kind of shaken. It's not every day that you find such things in a game you've been playing since childhood. Holy moly.

If anyone at all is interested in this, I'll grab some screenshots. Didn't think my first time. Although I am also currently making a Let's Play of this game on youtube, and when I get to this section you bet your ass I'm gonna record all of this on video!
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Thank you for share. I'll keep a look here,
Unfortunately I'm on a bit of a hiatus with my LPs due to Witcher 3, but when I make the episode about these things I'll link it in this thread.
Sorry for the double post but here's that link!

This is the (currently) latest part of my LP of this game, and it starts when we emerge from the catacombs after getting the horn, we go to Celestia and return, and after that the part described in my original post starts. There's a time link in the description, 27:05, that points to where the storyline part ends and the optional part begins. so if you know this game but didn't know of the stuff I described in the thread, click on that link and be spared the Citadel trip!
Yup, found those new enemy types on Easy in my playthrough too.

Also in the building where the shop used to be, you can jump on the barrels to get to the backroom to find a lizard like kind of enemy. Not sure if I'm not just mistaking him for another common enemy.
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double post sorry.
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ZFR: Also in the building where the shop used to be, you can jump on the barrels to get to the backroom to find a lizard like kind of enemy. Not sure if I'm not just mistaking him for another common enemy.
I believe I covered that guy. It's the corporeal version of the floating semi-transparent dudes that you can only see when the hag gives you the thingy. This dude is the only instance in the entire game where you can actually fight one of these. One of the two unique enemies in the area (the other being the zombified crusader in the inn).

Also I think he has a Dasher's animations. At least death, but run and attack probably too.
Antroid: I believe I covered that guy. It's the corporeal version of the floating semi-transparent dudes that you can only see when the hag gives you the thingy.
Yes, I realized later that this is the one you meant. ;) Once I reached the Dasher Village (and saw their corporeal form) it was confirmed.
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Slight update. I hadn't realized it right away, but it seems that the second unique enemy has the model and texture (or at least a variation of the texture) of the dude who you summon with the Spectral Ally spell, or whatever that one's called. That character is all blue and transparent, and there's no way for me to know if the blueness is because the model's just using a blue texture or if it's some sort of effect. Either way, it seems the guy isn't COMPLETELY unused apart from that one appearance as an enemy. Kinda neat that they took the two normally ghostly entities and made them corporeal enemies for this optional Cador Sul area.
There is a *Lot* of stuff you won't find unless you visit and revisit everywhere and everything after every quest update.

Such as fully-leveled versions of all the spells. :) IIRC, there's ten spells, and three levels each.

Beat the game way back when, and spent a lot of time running around.

Probably didn't literally visit everywhere, either, but got pretty close, I think.

Edit: Clarification: Don't think I remember this, so I might have missed it.
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I might have to investigate. Been meaning to give this another replay.