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So i've read some other topics about this problem, but there wasn't really any solution or answer to that.
I want to know if there was any update and if there is any solution to this problem now.

Edit: If somebody knows which old build(s) of windows 10 works on this game, please tell me.
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Edit 2: I just installed windows 8.1 and it works now, but when updating/installing geforce experience and its drivers the game won't run for some reason, it also runs at a very low framerate (below 30 fps).
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So, why you install Experience? Install only driver. Whay GFX card you have? If not 1xxx\2xxx - try to reinstall 390.xx driver. For me (and random ppl from google) it work better (no BSOD as in current drivers, no any glitches as in some early 4xx.xx drivers).