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sethsez: The only thing I don't care for is how... odd movement feels. Like your guy is occasionally just teleporting a few feet to the left or right. It's workable, and the game is fantastic otherwise, but it kind of feels like the animation is getting ahead of the game engine and the engine tries to catch up. It's weird.
I think the actual reason is that when your character is not quite lined up to enter a corridor or otherwise move around a corner, he gets "shifted" to one side so he'll fit. So, rather than having you endlessly get stuck on corners, the game kind of "auto-corrects" your movement. This type of thing was not uncommon in games of that era.
I bought it back in the days were it was released. My impression was ok-good but I think I never completed it.
When it was released here at gog I bought and tried it again and must say its much better than I thought. The controls are a little bit strange but after a while its ok. But I really like the game more than back in the old days. The game also aged well.
I would give it a try, but I think its not the likes of every one.
Its a memorable game that I still play to this very day I still own the original game disk and the box all are still in extremely good condition and I wouldn't part with them ever :P its nice to own a digital copy and keep my cd version safe and sound
I only ever got No Regret. (Which, BTW: get that too, GOG.) I only played the demo of No Remorse, but I liked it, but I was a kid and lived in a small town, so no No Remorse for me.

Until now. WOOOOO.

I don't know what I'd pay for a new sequel, or even a remake, in the style of Lara Croft: Guaridan of Light, but It would approach allmymonies territory.
I never could it get to work so i missed it then iut came on gog and i tried and i must say its a fun game, it is getting used to at the start because of the strange control but there is a in game reference how to use the keyboard and the mouse and i must say i love it but i must say i like the controls with keyboard better , I even like the fmv it reminds me of the old c&c movies or am i wrong?
I've just started Mission 4 (or 5) and it is still awesome. I remember the game when I was a kid and then Crusader was something totally new. If you look at the games we have today... Crusader is still something new :D

Btw. Always save using 3-4 states. I had a bug yesterday - the map did not toggle automatically so I used "Z" key. But after getting into an elevator the game stopped (but not the music). Only black screen. I had to load an earlier save.
Because of the AWESOME (sarcasm) German Youth Protection Laws i never played Crusader when it came out, but today i can say: IT IS A SHAME!

This Game is Awesome, Origin was great in producing fantastic Games, and Crusader is no Exception.
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The lack of story is somewhat misleading. The game originally came with extremely well-written extras that added tons of flavor and gave background. It fleshed out the game quite a bit, and I am disappointed GOG's version has none of it.

Also, consider that it is, after all, an action game. If the lack of story made DOOM and Quake and countless other great actioners feel dull to you, maybe this is not your genre. And Crusader has plenty more story than those, so let's not get carried away ...

I actually found a big betrayal and the devastation it leaves behind, accompanied by a lonely guitar strumming in the background, immensely evocative.

As to the original poster's request for a "real" review and not a rave one -- obviously someone raving about a game can be a completely real and even well-considered reaction. This is one of my favorite games I've ever played, for instance, and if you like games much at all, you've probably raved about this that or the other one to someone in hopes that they won't miss the opportunity to have as much fun as you did.

The main thing is whether a review has enough detail to get something useful across. The review section has some of those, rave review or not.

The biggest sticking point in the game, for most people, is getting used to the controls. However, I'm pretty bad at such things and had no trouble, so ... I think it's the unfamiliarity more than the difficulty.

Also maybe that things like learning how to roll and doing it carefully flows into the pace of the game. If you have to pick and choose your moments and roll carefully into and out of areas, you therefore aren't running and gunning non-stop. You're picking your moments and planning. To me, that's a cool thing. To others less patient or uninterested in a bit of sneakiness and planning in an action game, it's a bother and they may even say it's clumsy. It's not clumsy. Soon enough you will be doing it very quickly, and until then and even after, kneeling and rolling can be things that slow you down long enough to play with a little more subtlety, variety, and good sense. And not constantly run out of ammo trying to slam your way through the levels.
kawaiinekolee: I was wondering if somebody could give me an actual opinion of the game not some over hyped omg bestest game evar and is perfect despite its lack of story and weird controls. Is an actual opinion of the game too much to ask.
Let me say up front that I'm not one for hype, but this game certainly deserves it. I played it back in the day when it first came out, and it completely blew me away. Everyone here seems to not like the controls, but I loved the fact that I could do everything with one hand on the keypad. It may take some getting used to, but it's sheer genius and a feat that has not been repeated (that I'm aware of).

The game itself is just tons of fun. It's explosive, fast-paced, intelligent, and the destructible levels are awesome, even now. I'm honestly surprised that there have been no attemtps to clone the game's look, feel and controls. I love the perspective, the awesome 2D graphics and the FMV sequences - basically the game has all the right ingredients mixed in just the right way to make for a fun, engaging and thrilling experience.

The story is pretty good, too, and even better in the sequel; the cutscenes are just the right amount of cheesy and the 90s techno goes incredibly well with the setting. The Silencer, the main character dude, is such a badass that it's hard not to like him and the other characters, while somewhat campy, have their own appeal.

If you haven't played it yet, or are still on the fence as to whether you should buy it, do yourself a favour and spend the six bucks - it's well worth it.
I always thought that the story was actually pretty good. Obviously it's no Planescape Torment or Baldur's Gate 2, but the story was interesting, engaging, and entertaining. Also, in my opinion, it is one of the very very few games where live action cut scenes are well done (i.e. not cheezy to the point of physical pain) and work in the context of the story.
Great game. Really different from other thing I have played. Very fun.

The problem is that casual players may don't like that it take some time for us to learn how the gameplay works.

Better than I expected when I bought it =D