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I was wondering if somebody could give me an actual opinion of the game not some over hyped omg bestest game evar and is perfect despite its lack of story and weird controls. Is an actual opinion of the game too much to ask.
It is good.
I'm just playing it for the first time, so I'm pretty much as unbiased as you can get (although I'm still only on the first level). The controls are somewhat wonkey, but not impossible, the gameplay is fun so far and the soundtrack is pretty awesome.
Thanx guys
Well, I played the game back when it was released and I found it to be a lot of fun. At the time, the sheer amount of explosions and mayhem was incredible, and you could set enemies on fire, which was great. There's sneaking, shooting, crazy-powerful weapons, hijacking mechs and making them wander into packs of soldiers while spewing rockets everywhere... basically just great action. Also you could blow up the environments, including locked doors if necessary, which is pretty sweet.

One thing that disappointed me a little when I played back then was that if you blow up, incinerate, evaporate, or otherwise obliterate a human enemy, then you can't get any money or ammo off his corpse. This means that a lot of the time you may prefer to use "weaker" weapons like machineguns and shotguns to kill human enemies so you can take their money and buy bigger and badder weapons. I think that this problem is probably not as bad as I actually thought then though, as I was younger and likely not as good at games as I am now. I've heard there's tons of secrets and such to find which provide new weapons and ammo too.

I don't remember the music at all but people say it's great.

Controls are a little slow, simlar to the original 2D Prince of Persia titles in their feel. You often have to carefully plan when to move, when to aim and shoot, and when to duck and reload. Most players, including me, recommend playing with keyboard only, although there is support for mouse control. The controls mean that despite the wanton desctruction, the game feels a little more tactical than your average action game. I liked this; I felt fully in control rather than frantically running around spraying bullets everywhere.

Overall, I think it's a solid purchase for $5.99.
There are also little quirks to the game which I really like. I love the cheesy live action cinematics, and the dialogue is actually impressively written. The scene in the beginning in the sewer is particularly impressive. I love the echo effects and such. The music is like cheesy power techno and really works great. The nature of the level design too, is really cool. You really have to examine a situation before you just go running and gunning. Yeah there is a heavy "find the right key" element, but this really isnt very challenging, and the backtracking is not very annoying. All in all, this is probably one of the coolest and more creative games to come from the mid 90s era. I am really looking forward to No Regret.
My only experience before GOGs No Remorse was No Regerets demo when I was younger.

Currently on mission 3 and I must say I like the game really much. 90's top-down shooter with catchy techno soundrack, powerful guns and dangerous enemies. Good stuff.

The only thing that can take some time to get used to are the controls. But, as Waltorius said, It's kinda part of the style and challenge of the game.

For 5,99, I think Crusader: No Remorse is very enjoyable action game.
I am playing it for the first time here as well, and I can honestly say it is a good bit of fun so far. The controls definitely take some getting used to, but nothing that is unmanageable. I love the old school cheesy video clips, and what bit I have played is entertaining.

Hoping to really get into it this weekend when I have more free time.
This game looks bad ass. You should buy it for me.
I can agree with all the first timers in this thread.
My first experience as well. I'm still at level 1.
It's fun and quite addictive, soundtrack is great, controls take time to get used to.
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The only thing I don't care for is how... odd movement feels. Like your guy is occasionally just teleporting a few feet to the left or right. It's workable, and the game is fantastic otherwise, but it kind of feels like the animation is getting ahead of the game engine and the engine tries to catch up. It's weird.
The game is really incredible for its time, the controls can be a bit weird, I'd suggest playing using mouse and keyboard, or just keyboard. Definitely use the rotation based aiming and movement as opposed to the direction based. The number pad is most ideal for playing as it has most the controls you need right there (refer to the manual for which is which)
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I started playing this for the first time last night, thanks to GoG.

I'm really enjoying it. Like others have said it's really tactical, I've found myself depending on the full selection of movement options just in the first level. Environmental clues are really important to progress. The environments are really interactive too, and interaction is simple and well done. The combat is nice and visceral, especially for an isometric shooter. I tried the mouse controls for about two seconds, then went completely keyboard. If you have a Number Pad, the controls aren't that obtuse, so that is probably something for Laptop players to keep in mind. The presentation is top notch too, the FMVs are really entertaining and the atmosphere is great.
It'll be my first time playing this game in 13 years since buying this from GoG and I'm quite excited to revisit it. For awhile, I was thinking if I ever wanted to play it again, I'd have to purchase a copy for Sega Saturn or PlayStation.

Also, upon finding out this game uses the same engine as Ultima VII, I'm really excited to get a chance to play that game now for whatever reason.

I also hope this means we'll see No Regret end up on here at some point, I never did get a chance to play it and it looked like a blast.
Also, upon finding out this game uses the same engine as Ultima VII, I'm really excited to get a chance to play that game now for whatever reason.

Actually, it's the Ultima VIII engine. I think Crusader's actually a far more successful implementation of it than U8 was. Which is not to say that I didn't like U8, I did — it wasn't (at all close to) perfect, but it had some nice moments.