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Hi Very old fan of the series here. I haven't touched these games since god 2006 maybe? So here's my situation, my old computer had all the old updates, cobs, breeds, and other stuff for all the games which I did so long ago on windows XP back 2000-2006 and its become a major blur. Now I have purchased these games on GOG so I can play my childhood once again and I wish to play them with all the stuff I got off the web back in the day. I have all the old files for the games.

Unfortunately I have no idea how to even gets these to work or even if they work! Where are the files supposed to go? I can't for the life of me remember. I have all these files yet no knowledge on how to use them. I even have the TreeHugger, Bondi, Astro, Fallow, Zebra, Dusky Grendels, Harlequin, Hardmannorn breeds for C3/DS but I can't even use them because I am stupid lol. Also have many updates for the games but no idea if they are required.

Really all I want is to play the games with all the files I had on my very old computer. Help from experts would be appreciated.
Hi Spooky799kil2,

For the first two games, you need to navigate to the games' directories and install files to the following folders: Objects/My Agents (.cob and .agents files), Images (.spr and .s16 files), Sounds (.wav files) and body data (.att files). However, in the more recent games (C3/DS) you usually only have a single agents file because once installed it will unpack everything else when injected into the game.Also be aware that C1 isn't picky about where you place your .cob files.

Hope this helps!

Edit: You might wanna grab the updated Object Injector for C1 from here. Unlike the original it allows you to remove objects from your world.
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If you want to add kai/mer norns and the exe files dont work then go to the creatures caves website and look on their forum. theres a link on there and theres a patch to add that makes them work
What do you do if there is no Objects/Agents folder? I can't find one for any of the creatures games (currently playing C3, and I also have all the old norn breeds).