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Nostalgia player here, I couldnt believe i found creatures 1 yay!
Anyway, so i downloaded the game (C1) ran it all the way until very smart generation 3's. This was WITH COBS. Suddenly the hatchery wouldnt work, and eggs would crash the game right before they naturally hatched. (the hatchery would work for hatchery eggs only at this point). I would get a syntax error, and the game would crash and restart to a previous save (mamy cloned norns came about this way).
The problem persissted so I uninstalled, reinstalled, new world, refresh world, replaced my COBS and no change.
Then i tried getting a different GOG account, reinstalling, NO COBS pre-used norns from the first world - no change.

Now i have a fresh world (again) brand new norns, got to generation 2 and now its happening all over again. This is when the "memory" error started appearing. I am at a loss. i just want to play my game.
I did see a forum post with the remaster patch (i have no idea how to install it.)

I am using Windows 10, i have been using administrater mode, and i stopped exporting prego norns.

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