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Had to do a reinstall on my Creatures Exodus game. Was running fine before but now whenever I try to load docking station it says the update servers are down and the world switcher window hangs indefinitely.
Now I understand that this is a freebee type addon for the game but it has a much more savvy agent injector than the base game, as well as providing limitless bioenergy for the ship.
Any way to fix this? Creatures 3 still runs by itself but for the above reasons I would like to get Docking station working again. (I forgot to mention I cant hatch the Chi-chi norns outside of docking station either :( )
The update option is no longer available so you should always select not to let the game search for updates. Even running the game from engine.exe instead of installblast.exe (in the Docking Station folder in Program Files) can work better.
Did you install the game from the GOG version at the site here? or the downloaded version 195?