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Back in the day, I owned a physical CD copy of Creatures 2 that I got from my Grandpa and I enjoyed it a lot growing up as a kid. Sadly, I lost the original disc several years ago so I decided to purchase Creatures 2 on GOG so I could enjoy it again. However, after booting up the game on my old Windows 7 64bit machine, I found that the game always crashes to desktop after roughly one minute of gameplay. Most everything about the game itself works fine, I have no issues with lag, the cursor, or even that black box issue some people have been talking about; the game just exits out automatically after one minute every time I try to play it. I think it might be an issue with directdraw but I'm not entirely sure. I tried various compatibility settings and using DxWnd but neither of those seems to have resolved the issue for me. If anyone has any ideas as to how I can get this to run properly, I would really appreciate it.

-Edit: Nevermind, I've managed to figure out the issue, all I had to do was go to msconfig and disable Adobe Flash Player Update Service, Dropbox and Mozilla Maintenance Service. The game now works like a charm for me.
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I just created a patch for Creatures 2 that should fix this issue. You can check out the patch here:
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