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I have MOD1 for Cossacks: Back to War, but I would like to download MOD1 for Cossacks: The Art of War. The Art of War version of MOD1 was available in English, German, French, and Russian; the corresponding installer filenames are setup_mod_eng_ger.exe, setup_mod_fra.exe, and setup_mod_rus.exe. I am seeking the English version for myself, but for the sake of preservation, I am also interested in procuring the French and Russian installers. I have not had any luck locating the Art of War version of MOD1 online, even via the Wayback Machine. Does anyone still have MOD1 for The Art of War?
Post edited April 13, 2022 by Cantiras
I had MOD1 on my old comp, but with hdd broken all data have gone :<
Bit late perhaps, but I dug this up. No guarantees.

For BTW you have to extract the mods.gs2 and mods01.gs2 and rename the extensions to gs1, then copy the files into the root folder beside the dcmr.exe.

No idea if the AOW version works. Good luck.

BTW ver
AOW ver
pisces72: ...
Thank you!