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Hi guys, I just wanted to inform you that there is a patch on GitHub that fixes a bunch of things such as the game running too fast.

This repo contains the results of a severe refactoring and bugfixing of the original source code from Cossacks: Back to War 1.35 released back in 2002. The solution is meant to be build in Visual Studio 2015 on a Windows 10 system.

List of the most important bugs and crash causes that were fixed:

Unreasonable high game speed on modern CPUs
Messed up color palette
Crashing when there are too many units on screen
Crashing when building very long walls
Crashing when selecting too much units at once
Multiple building explosions possible while performing upgrades
Instant building explosion upon repeated DEL order while performing an upgrade
DEL key killing selected units while entering a number in the resource transfer dialog
Buggy production queue management in multiple buildings at once
Grenadiers wouldn't shoot on attack move when in formation
Way too fast mouse scrolling
Crashing upon exiting a game

Main gameplay changes:

Stone mining upgrades now complement each other instead of overlapping
New option: Market (no trade; independent trade courses)
New option: Diplomatic Centre (no mercenaries allowed)
New option: Shipyard (no ships; fishing boats only; fishing boats and ferries; 17th century only)
Addition to option: No artillery at all
Game speed is set in the lobby and stays constant during the game
Production queue multiplicators: Shift (5), Alt (20), Tab (50), F1 (15), F2 (36) and F5 (250)
"Ready" flags are removed when the host changes settings in the lobby
"Click-guessing" the enemy's position through a fog of war bug is fixed away
No hills on "Plain land" maps anymore

Other improvements:

Windowed modes (activated through command line arguments /window and /borderless)
Default nation in lobby is set to "Random"
Minimap visibility improved through contrastful colors
Better handling of Ctrl+[0-9] key events
Game starts without UAC prompt
Menu resolution is fixed at original 1024x768, no more stretching
Upon clicking "Ready" in the lobby a list of all selected options is displayed
Screen resolutions fitting to your aspect ratio are marked with an asterisk
Confirm prompt added for surrendering and game exiting
Correct handling of DPI scaling settings
Upgrade research is canceled upon building capture
Fixed doubleclick "select all peasants on screen" bug while queueing buildings
Greatly increased the credits screen delay
Maximal screen resolution width is set to 1920x to mitigate impact of 4K displays
Removed the nagging "Unit / building xxx prevents you from shooting" messages
Increased the total amount and the lifetime of ingame chat messages from other players
Game recording is always on
The start option "18th century options: Never" does indeed block the player from ever getting to the 18th century but not so for the AI players. Is this also fixed?