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Oh my i create mem. But good news first, game work smother. So we geting somewhere.
Now bad news, Sven sheep quest still refuse to work properly.
Or i made this wrong....
This how i work, first i bring all of the sheep, nerby two what stay, next i fix the fence.
Then i talk with Sven. I do this right?
Hi, zaba11, sorry to hear you still can't complete the sheep quest.
Just to confirm, did you see on the main menu that your version number is 3.17?
Also, you had said "two". There are actually three sheep to return. Can you then also confirm which sheep you brought back? Thanks!
I see that number and it is 3.1.7
No, i said all three i just put them nearby that two what stay on the Sven field.
I take that from front of the house, second under stair, and last one from house.
Good news, i finish the quest. That was a very well made patch, but still optymailzation is below standards.