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This is it! Not only is this the biggest update for Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!, but also one of the biggest updates I've ever done for any game period. It's that massive.

Enjoy this 100% free update, and be sure to leave a review if you're enjoying the game! Thanks again for all the support!


If you have updated the Mac version but the game fails to run when you press Play via the GOG Galaxy client, uninstall the game and reinstall.

For Ubuntu Linux users, there is a known audio bug issue that does not play any sound from the game. There is a workaround by installing the following:

sudo apt install libopenal-dev

There should be an update within the next two weeks that fixes this issue as we're currently waiting for an update from the GM Studio devs, the engine we use to power the game. I'll be sure to update this topic once it's live. Thanks and apologies!


-Twenty-four new foods enter the roster! Here's a list of everything that is available and ready to purchase via the Food Catalog:

[*]Hot Lattes
[*]Iced Lattes
[*]Frozen Lattes
[*]Rote Grutze
[*]Htapothi sti Skhara
[*]Organic Salad
[*]Ice Cream Scoops
[*]Glazed Doughnuts
[*]Specialty Doughnuts
[*]Frozen Bananas
[*]Cinnamon Buns
[*]Japanese Crepe

[*]Specialty Fries
[*]Side Oatmeal
[*]Marshmallow Squares

[*]Hot Tea

-Three new restaurants with 36 new shifts are now available in the Tower! Burrito Time, Contrast Coffee Company and Planet BLUE are now hiring!
-All new Zen Shifts mode allow you to play all 400 shifts with no rush hours and infinite patience! Note that only bronze medals can be obtained in this mode.
-Five new achievements added.
-119 new objects have been added, including two new categories: Fountains and Wall Booths! New categories have been accordingly added to the Designer.
-Level cap increased to 125. This is the final limit for the game.


-Chilly Bowl Shift 2, 4, 7 and 8 now have Ice Cream Scoops added to the menu. Any medals earned before this patch will still be kept.
-Switch Pro Controller support added in Options>Gamepad.
-The Tower Mode Menu has been completely redesigned for a better display of levels and control.
-A new "trigger guide" has been added to recipes when using a gamepad to help with making foods faster. You can toggle this off in Options>Gamepad.
-Added the option to toggle the red email indicator on the main menu in Options>Gameplay>New Email Notifications.
-You must now confirm twice when buying a food in the Food Catalog, which should prevent accidental purchases.
-"Barista Update" added as a Status Filter for the Food Catalog.
-An increase in visual fidelity and resolution have been made for the following foods:

[*]Whole Cakes
[*]Deluxe Nachos
[*]Sub Sandwich
[*]Wok Chicken
[*]Wok Beef and Pork
[*]Wok Shrimp and Tofu
[*]Lamb Chops
[*]Biscuits and Gravy
[*]Pork Loin
[*]Sausage Slices
[*]Brussles Sprouts
[*]Kale Chips
[*]Roasted Cauliflower

-You can now hold Shift+Control+F6 to toggle an FPS counter in-game, mainly to aid troubleshooting for certain issues. "FPS" is the current FPS count, while "Real FPS" is the uncapped framerate your computer can theoretically run.
-Medals Earned splash screen for Chef for Hire mode redesigned.
-Exactly three pieces of streamers and/or balloons will fall when a perfect day is completed.
-You can now quit back to the title screen to load a new game instead of having to quit the game and restart it.


-When starting the game, when using a resolution lower than your default monitor resolution and using borderless window or windowed, the game would incorrectly fullscreen the game. This is now fixed and will correctly resize the game on startup based on the settings chosen in the Options menu.
-A rare bug where customers appeared to be floating above the cheap starter chairs in the CSD restaurant has been fixed. This would occur when deleting objects or switching restaurant save slots.
-Fixed a bug that did not allow you to trash foods that have no cook times in the holding station (such as Pig's Blood Cake) while prepping a food or chore.
-Fixed a bug that did not allow you to trash foods that were cooked incorrectly or are no longer fresh that have cook times (such as Chili) while prepping a food or chore.
-When remapping keys, ingredients that are disabled due to not prepping them in the first phase (two stage foods such as Burritos) are now displayed properly for remapping.
-Fixed a crash that would occur when selecting Local Co-Op, pouring a beer, then going back and selecting Single Player and then pouring another beer.
-You can now press enter instead of the space bar to navigate the main menus.
-Fixed bug that can occur when "spamming" the Practice Mode option for foods.
-Fixed crash that could occur when using the options screen and selecting a new category immediately while exiting the options screen.
-A small error where a green triangle error sprite would appear in rare instances has been fixed.
-Fixed a few grammatical errors.
-Fixed a rare bug that would cause two different music tracks to play during gameplay.
-Fixed bug that would sometimes lead to Holding Station foods having a "0" number of servings when not disposed of automatically by the game.
-Improved texture loads for certain foods and menus.
-Fixed Apple Juice and Orange Juice containers being reversed for Juice Bar.
-Fixed a rare bug that would overlap Boosters/Detractors on top of other foods in the Active Menu (CSD Restaurant).
-Changed description of "24 Angry Customers" achievement to better clarify requirements.
-Deluxe Nachos no longer have non-selectable ingredients in the prep phase.
-Fixed bug that would cause the turn page button to get "stuck" when using a gamepad.
-Gamepad buttons now update in real time when choosing a gamepad in the Options menu.
-Improved The Far East logo readability.
-Viewing buzz in the Active Menu now gives you a message when no buzz modifiers are available.
-Fixed text display when viewing buzz for Mac and Linux.
-After a restaurant closes, the time no longer displays after 6am the following day as this led to a small visual glitch.
-Fixed rare bug with stuck highlighted Back icon when viewing Max Wieners menu.
-Medals/Rewards menu shown before starting a level now displays completed Bronze/Silver/Gold objectives. Also fixed wording for "Earn 1 Gold Medals."
-Updated Salad catalog icon to better differenciate it from the Organic Salad.
-Fixed an issue with two different #01 recipes for Deluxe Nachos. Also fixed spelling of Meat-a-licious Supreme Nacho recipe.
-Renamed "Player Options" to "Chefs & Co-Op"
-Added Newsletter to Social Links menu.
-Start Game icon changed for title screen.
-Improved Sushi catalog icon.
-Credits screen (Options>Credits) redesigned.


-Tamales now have 6 servings instead of 5.
-Customers floating above chairs for the new wall booths have been strapped down.


-When buying foods, the Purchased label can change back into Buy mode under certain circumstances and duplicate foods could be bought. This has been fixed.
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Thank you for the comprehensive update! I'm happy to see it come out so soon, your continued support is greatly appreciated!