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Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!

Changelog for v2.60 Update! Balance Changes, Beer/Sopa Improvements and More! (added 29 October 2018):

It's time for another hot fresh delicious update! I wanted to focus on further refining the balance of the game, as well as adding some fun new additions! For too long I have regretted not being able to see delicious sopapillas fresh from the deep fryer, and buddy, that all changes today! Not only that, but I've made pouring beer considerably easier to nail perfectly. Oh, and there's lots of new keyboard improvements as well! Enjoy the update!

* Sopapillas now have an additional prep phase! Now you'll be slathering sopas with delicious honey and powdered sugar, aw yeah.
* You can now bind Holding Station item selection keys! (These were normally fixed to A/B/C/D/E/F.) To do so, go to the Options menu, select Keyboard and select Holding Station Keys... then map them using the HS Button 1-6 option.
* When making custom key binds for foods for the first time, all Holding Station optional foods will now copy any key bind to the Holding Station version, and vice versa. This is so that you don't have to map for both the Prep Station and Holding Station versions of each food. Sushi was especially problematic, so when you boot up the game the custom key binds for the Prep Station version will be copied over to the Holding Station. This means you may need to redo any key binds that have been done for Sushi, but only once.
* Support for AZERTY and DVORAK keyboards added (you can toggle this via Options>Keyboard>Keyboard Type). Please let me know if this functionality works for your keyboard.

* Beer and Craft Beer have been reworked so that it is easier to earn perfect ratings. When you reach the optimal perfect fill, the beer will pour half as fast before it overfills. It's a small window that greatly improves response times for the player. This should also fix the slight change in fill rate when playing local co-op.
* UEIYAV and Executive Decision Shifts 09-16 now have an added side dish, for three side dishes total.
* Esteban's Shift 15 now has an additional side dish, to balance out the new Sopapilla change.

* Fixed crash that could occur when navigating the email menus with a keyboard or gamepad.
* Fixed bug that could occur when rapidly pressing the pour button for beer that could cause the pitcher to never fill up.
* Fixed bug that would cause the trigger guide for controllers to display when playing local co-op Type A (mouse/keyboard).
* Fixed bug after cycling through filters in My Pantry when editing the Cook, Serve, Delicious! menu that would cause a food to be selected when scrolling down with the mouse wheel immediately after.
* Fixed visual bug that would display a -1 for the food name when scrolling in the My Pantry menu.
* Fixed Carbonara spelling for Pasta recipes.
* Fixed a few sounds that were not properly managed with audio volume in the Options menu.
* Changed Mint Choc.Scp. ingredient description to better clarify Milkshake recipes.
* Fixed visual bug that would display controller prompts in the Designer when only using a keyboard.
* Fixed visual bug that would use old controller prompts in the Designer that had not been updated to the more visually nicer prompts.
* Fixed a few minor visual UI errors.
* Updated credits section.
* [Mac] Window now properly centers upon launch.
* [Linux] Some back end issues should be addressed with this build. I realize that controller support may still not be working with some Ubuntu builds and I've submitted a bug report to YoYo Games, hopefully that will get resolved very soon.

* Changed a number of text descriptions and identifiers to pass console certification. Note that most of this is for the console version only, though a few elements have also changed for PC.
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Changelog for Update 2.6.000m1.0 (added 13 December 2018):

Hey y'all! I've got another hot update straight out of the oven for Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! This includes a number of fixes and fan requested features.

If you want more details on our upcoming console launches and news on our latest game announcements, check out our newsletter! Thanks again for the continued support!

* Fixed a crash that occurred for a few users.
* Fixed a rare end of day crash in certain situations.
* Fixed a few overly blurry sprites.
* Fixed issue that was not fading out music properly.

v2.60 m.1.0
* COLEMAK keyboard support added.
* You can now hide the mouse cursor via Options>Mouse/Touch>Mouse Cursor Display.
* A new Import/Export Key Binds feature has been added! You can now export all of your custom keybinds and import them in another save file! To start the process, load the save file you'd like to export the keybinds from and go to Options>Keyboard>Import/Export Key Binds
* You can now reset all keybinds for all foods at once by loading the save you'd like to reset key bindings for and going to Options>Keyboard>Import/Export Key Binds
* The game now has a metrics system that will anonymously send data of your completed levels, failed attempts, and general options to our private servers so that I can see where players are having the most issues and adjust the game accordingly. This only collects data from the game, and uses a random number generator to set an identifier for you upon booting up the game, so absolutely no personal data is collected. If you're curious about metrics and want to learn more on how important they are, check out this PC Gamer article! You can toggle these off/on in the Options>Gameplay menu.

* Fixed bug with incorrect button displays for some menus when using Steam, Nintendo Switch Pro or Joycon controllers.
* Improved visual style for Switch Pro/Joycon buttons.
* Fixed some debug sound effects playing when pressing certain keyboard keys.
* Fixed bug that allowed users to back out of a rebinding menu with the mouse (Options>Keyboard menus), causing UI overlay errors.
* Controller input improved across the board; if you had issues with controllers not being registered, it should be fixed. However Linux issues with the gamepad might still be an issue; I'm currently in talks with the GM Studio devs to try and find a solution as soon as possible.
* Improved title screen assets for better visual fidelity.
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Changelog for Update 2.6.000m1.1 (added 01 March 2019):

Hey y'all! I've released yet another update for CSD 2 for Win/Mac/Linux that is a bit different in that it focuses on graphical improvements and performance.

First off, you should see improvements across the board in terms of framerate. I've also improved several graphical assets that were overly blurry in previous updates.

Secondly if you're running an ATI card and have experienced issues when running the game on Ultra settings, try the new option under Graphics called "Alternate Rendering" that renders the game in a cleaner way, which should clear up the artifacting issues. (This is worth toggling on to see if that helps clear up any remaining framerate issues you might have as well).

This also brings the game in sync with the console versions, which lead to some improvements with the engine that resulted in this patch! By the way, did you know the game is available on PS4, and is coming soon to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One? For more details be sure to subscribe to our newsletter!

If you have any issues with this patch, be sure to let me know, and as always you can roll back to the previous update via GOG Galaxy.

Thanks again y'all for all the support! Look for more awesome announcements coming later this year!
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Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!

Changelog for Patch v0.52 is Now Available (30 January 2020):

Hey everyone, the first patch for the game is now live! First off, thank you for all the suggestions and support so far! Right now I'm squarely focused on technical and urgent issues with the game, which this patch addresses.
Here's whats fixed!

- Fixed a crash when using the gamepad on Today's Menu in certain instances.
- Added support for 1440p monitors and the option to set resolutions higher than the current display
- Moved "Mute Gun Battles" over to the Audio menu
- Added a new Standard, Minimal and Off setting for Motion Travel. Setting to Off now completely darkens the window and removes the tunnel light effect.
- Setting Motion Travel to anything but standard now removes the truck bumps in the main menu.
- Tunnel lights are now turned off during the Day Complete menu.
- Fixed some crashes related to setting resolutions.
- Fixed a few grammar issues.

Standalone installer updated: 0.52 ⇒ 0.53a.

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

Changelog for PATCH v0.55d NOTES (04 February 2020):

- You can now use Prep Stations as a way of decreasing points needed for a day! Every Prep Station upgrade is now worth one point for your menu. For example, if you have three extra Prep Stations upgraded and turned on, your point requirements for Today's Menu is decreased by 3.
- Eighteen achievements added to the game! More achievements will be added with every new territory update!
- You can now toggle Advanced Stats in the Food Catalog and Today's Menu! This will show you which foods have Auto-Serve capabilities and how many servings it has, which also counts serving upgrades.
- Cloud Saves can be used via the Cloud submenu in the Save Slot section. This is now officially implemented (it was in previous patches of the game)
- PS/HS can now be toggled in the new Setup menu of Today's Menu, instead of having to go to the Upgrade Menu.
- Infinite Patience is now on for Practice Mode.
- You can now sort by Purchased Rank.
- Aside from first starting up the game menu music no longer loops and instead shuffles through tracks once they end.
- The columns in the in-game Today's Menu are now colored orange for what's needed. They will turn white/gray when servings are no longer needed.

- :Bibimbap: reclassified as a level 5 food (from a level 4)
- :Hamburgers: reclassified as a level 4 food (from a level 3)
- VoidBurger recipe added to Hamburgers.
- You can now bind the left and right arrow keys to the Page Turn button in the Options>Keyboard menu.
- Points are now displayed under Begin Day to help with achievement goals.
- Foods no longer show up in the Practice Mode if they're on Today's Menu.
- You can now skip the Medal Awarded splash screen and the Level Up music stinger as well, which should also solve any audio-related issues with the game getting "stuck" on these parts.
- Food truck attacks no longer occur in Chill Mode.
- Fixed an issue that would show the wrong objective tooltip in Today's Menu.
- You can now see costs of future upgrades that are still locked in the Upgrades menu.
- Aroma Fan upgrade has been boosted, decreasing the Perfect Combo cap by 10 for each upgrade, down to 40 instead of 50.
- Cleaver was too happy when delivering the "We lost a holding station!" line, she now looks angrier.
- Lane lights now pulse during a stop, indicating they will change once the stop is over.
- Fixed some misspellings.
- Removed CSD 2 legacy code that caused a crash with certain food truck attacks in certain circumstances.
- Corrected a few pie recipes to better reflect real-life recipes (Key Lime Pie and Rhubarb Pie).
- Sisig and Sencillo Tacos ingredient flow changed to prevent hovering ingredients.
- Changed a few UI elements in practice mode
- Fixed a rare mouse issue in the main menu.

Standalone installer was not updated.

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

Standalone installer updated 10 February 2020: 0.53a ⇒ 0.56a - no Changelog.

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

Standalone installer updated 17 February 2020: 0.56a ⇒ 0.60c - no Changelog.
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Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! [InDev]

Changelog for PATCH v0.60 NOTES (14 February 2020):

The first content update for CSD 3 is now available! I'm super excited for this one as it adds new gameplay modifiers, unique level designs, and lots more. I've also been listening to user feedback and adding lots of small fixes and additions that were requested.

Once again, thank you so much for all the great reviews as they help us immensely, and watch for more updates very soon.

- WELCOME TO LOVE COUNTY: A whole new territory with 39 levels and brand new gameplay modifiers. With the entire area under lockdown by police and military forces, most food trucks tend to stay away from this location. Don't think you'll have it any easier though- the short travel times and increasingly agitated civilians make for the most challenging area yet!
- Impatient Customers and Crazy Customers spotted on various days! Watch out!!!
- Six new achievements added to the game!
- New story sequences added for this new territory.

- Gelato code was not allowing for the 24th ingredient, Puffo, to be selected as a recipe.
- YUM progress is now shown in a different color in the Day Complete screen to better illustrate how much progress you've gained.
- Descriptions for signs in the route menu have been added when highlighting a day.
- Fixed Calzones and Stuffed Peppers not being marked as Auto-Serve in the Food Catalog.
- Fixed other foods marked as Auto-Serve despite being single-step foods (like Ceviche)
- Sped up attack sequence for all drive-by food truck attacks.
- Fixed an issue where Delicious bonus funds were not correctly added to YUM progress.
- Adjusted YUM progression for tiers 35 and higher.
- Fixed issue with ram-based attacks when upgraded to LV2 Food Truck Reinforcement.
- Fixed redundancy with requirements for Wall, South Dakota/Route E/Day 3.
- Fixed issue with custom Holding Station Ingredient keys not properly loading for keys G and H.
- Added the following food descriptions:
--> Grilled Cheese Sandwich
--> Laulau
--> Bouillabaisse
--> Moussaka
--> King Cake
--> Egg Foo Yung
--> Deluxe Poutine
--> Soda Floats
--> Torta
--> Zrazy
- Improved food truck sign UI on Route menu.
- Fixed a bug that was not turning off tunnel lighting when Motion While Traveling was set to anything but "Standard"
- Fixed issue with incorrect food counts in Today's Menu in-game when the Rejuvenator is upgraded in certain instances.

Standalone installer updated (0.56a ⇒ 0.60c): 17 February 2020.
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Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! [InDev]

Changelog for PATCH v0.65 NOTES (21 February 2020):

Hey folks, the newest update for CSD 3 is now available, featuring lots of new levels, achievements, improvements and more!

Enjoy the update and watch for another big update in mid-March where we'll unveil the biggest territory to date. Should be fun!

- GLINT PLAINS TERRITORY: 26 new levels await in Texas! Good luck Chef!
- PS REQUIRED: Certain days now have PS requirements! You must turn on a specific number of Prep Stations in order to start the day.
- UEIYAV FOOD TRUCK SIGHTED: Brutal new hack attacks are spreading across Glint Plains thanks to the UEIYAV food truck!
- Four new achievements!

- Ballpark Burger and Bean Burger difficulty raised to 3.
- Tamales added to the "Over and Over" food filter.
- Chicken Sandwich and Grilled Chicken Sandwich added to the Burgers and Patties filter.

- PS/HS counts added to Day Complete screen, as well as whether or not it was co-op.
- Adjusted default values for subtitles to be forced on (due to there being a glitch in the first few hours of the game being sold that defaulted it to off). You can turn them off if needed in the Options Menu.
- Additional Route information added to the top bar of Today's Menu screen.
- Risotto now marked as auto-serve for the advanced stats function.
- Fixed issue where players were never warned that a stop was coming up when there were 6 or more stops in a route.
- Fixed an issue with music transitions for the Final Stop in certain routes.
- Removed more unused assets from CSD 2 to reduce memory footprint.
- Revised a few credits in the Credits screen.
- Banana Leaf changed to Taro Leaf for Laulau.
- A few cutscenes were redrawn for better consistency in background details.
- Fixed issue with "stuck" UI placement if a day is restarted during a screen shake effect.
- A tutorial for decreasing point values with prep stations added for Route H, Day 2 (Love County)
- Minor cloud save visual bug fixed.

Standalone installer updated (0.60c ⇒ 0.65b): 24 February 2020.
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Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! [InDev]

Changelog for PATCH v0.70 NOTES (13 March 2020):

Another big update, the biggest one yet in fact! Grandview County has a ton of new challenges and features, and is available now! Here are all the details, and watch for another update later this month that includes a much awaited feature. As always, thank you for all the positive reviews, they really help a ton!

- GRANDVIEW COUNTY TERRITORY: 40 new levels in one of the most luxurious counties in the nation, good luck Chef!
- VIP GUESTS: These snobby influencers will ask for Special Orders during a stop!
- FIREKICKERS FOOD TRUCK SIGHTED: This food truck unleashes a devestating ram attack that destroys all foods in all of your Holding Stations, and likes to wait until the last minute before you arrive at a stop. Goodbye Gold medal!
- RANDOM FOODS: You can now use random foods starting at YUM Level 20! This will choose a random food item from the list of available foods and based on what you own. Some levels require all random foods for an extra bit of chaos!
- TURN ON/OFF UPGRADES: You can now toggle all upgrades on and off via the Upgrade Truck menu!
- Six new achievements!

- Spelling mistakes fixed.
- New recipe added to Ballpark Burgers.
- Fixed issue where certain alert messages wouldn't play if more than one was queued up.
- Adjusted UI when at 100YUM and above
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Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! [InDev]

Changelog for UPDATE v0.75 NOTES (16 April 2020):

- Newer Orleans Territory Added! Over 35 levels of crazy goodness.
- New Customize Truck feature allows you to decorate your truck with 40 fun doodads, with more to come in future updates!
- New Esteban's Food Truck will hack you with a brutal attack that blinds you from incoming orders, watch out!
- New VO added for Day Complete screens! You'll hear these every few days that you complete, includes different ones for Perfect/Average/Bad days.
- Two new Perfect Stop VOs added.
- New Achievements.
- Trading Cards are now available! You should get them in your inventory soon if you haven't already. Enjoy!
- You can now swap control methods for gamepads. You can use the CSD 3 standard or switch to the CSD 2 standard (where the right stick skips PS/HS and L1/R1 triggers auto-serve.) The gamepad options menu has also been redesigned.
- New food descriptions for the following foods: -Borscht -Chicken Tikka -Navarin -Empanada -Soto Ayam -Buta Kimchi -Kachumbari -Boba Tea -Banh Mi -Pancit -Curry

- An additional level has been added to Food Truck Reinforcements. Level 4 requires eight engine parts and prevents new Super Attacks from occurring (which will be in the next update.)
- Puff Puff difficulty raised from 1 to 2.
- Improved memory footprint.
- Improved text clarity for ending splash screen for longer route names.
- Fixed a potential bug that could assign the wrong food truck attack for certain instances.
- Fixed a bug where player 2's gamepad controls would not function correctly if player 1 had the triggers/shoulder buttons swapped.
- Fixed a bug that was not properly assigning the right trigger/shoulder button swap options for player 2.
- Fixed a crash when trying to access certain filters in the Food Catalog.
- Fixed volume issue that would reset VO volume to default when starting the game.
- Added a fun secret.

Standalone installer updated (0.70b ⇒ 0.75e): 17 April 2020.

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

Standalone installer updated (0.75e ⇒ 0.75f): 20 April 2020.
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Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! [InDev]

Changelog for UPDATE v0.80 NOTES (05 May 2020):

- Metro Central Territory added! Over 35 levels under the gloomy skies of Jackson, MS.
- The Max Wieners food truck is on the loose! Watch for their super attack that severely damages all holding stations, decreasing freshness times by 80%!
- Two new trinkets added. These are just for the territory- we have another big trinket update coming soon!
- Five new achievements added!

- Added a "Clear All" function to the Customize Truck feature.
- Fixed a possible issue where holding station counts would be incorrect when toggling them on/off.
- Fixed the button prompt for filtering in the Customize Truck editor not appearing for gamepads.
- Fixed an extremely rare bug that could lead to an impossible Halo Halo order.
- Fixed a bug where Creme Brulee would not respond to the torch, causing it to be raw or frozen forever no matter how long you held the torch button down.
- Fixed issue with the Rejuvinator upgrade that would count "bad" or "unfresh" holding station foods as servings, giving incorrect serving counts in the Today's Menu display.
- Cook times for Medium Well and Well Done meats have decreased, especially for Well Done, which takes 50% less time to cook.
- If the Dialogue SFX in the Audio Menu is set to 0, the game audio is no longer lowered every time the dialogue box pops up in-game.
- Fixed some inconsistent recipe names.
- Fixed some spelling thingys.

Standalone installer updated (0.75f ⇒ 0.80a): 06 May 2020.

EDIT: Standalone installer updated (0.80a ⇒ 0.80b): 11 May 2020.
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Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! [InDev]

Changelog for UPDATE v0.85 NOTES (20 May 2020):

- DRYDOCK HARBOR added with 23 new experimental levels!
- 24 new trinkets added, including four unlockable story based trinkets!
- 5 new achievements added!
- A new loading system has been added to better improve performance in-game. This caches your current menu during the load times, so that the game doesn't "hitch" when loading up a new food, but may increase level load times by a few seconds depending on your computer's performance. If you'd like to go back to the old way of loading used in previous CSD 3 versions (and in CSD 2), go to the Options menu, then Gameplay, and toggle Fast Load to ON.
- Added a more descriptive line from Cleaver with the Max Wieners food truck attack.
- The following descriptions have been added:
-- Tonkatsu
-- Food Truck Fries
-- Food Truck Beans
-- Food Truck Rice
-- Haemul Pajeon
-- Sinigang -Bibingka
-- Green Papaya Salad
-- Huauzontles
-- Jambalaya

- Fixed an issue with turning off certain upgrades that affected gameplay.
- Fixed issue with the No More Burgers trinket unlocking without earning a gold medal in the required day.
- Fixed bug where the scroll bar was not responding properly with the mouse in the Customize Truck menu.
- Fixed a few food description texts and punctuation.

Standalone installer updated (0.80b ⇒ 0.85b): 21 May 2020.
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Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! [InDev]

Changelog for UPDATE v0.90 NOTES (05 June 2020 / added 08 June 2020):

- DAVIDSON COUNTY added with 40 new levels!
- Two new foodtruck attacks: Sushi Nest and Pizza That! Sushi Nest will target your upgrade modules, destroying things like the Serving Cloner and Heat Lamps, among others. The Pizza That! truck will hack your cooking timers so that they no longer display. Good luck!
- Foodtruck attacks will always occur, even if you upgrade to prevent them. However if you do have upgraded components the attack will now fail and Cleaver will have all new quips mocking your rivals!
- Three new trinkets (a larger trinket update is coming in the next update)
- Four new achievements

- Added option to mute police siren sound effects (during a Final Stop) and replace it with a train sound effect.
- Static effects from a hack attack now fade out properly when an order is served.
- Changed "Fast Load" description to "Legacy Load" in Gameplay Options.
- Game now displays customer order numbers over 100,000 correctly in the recipe section.
- Fixed bug where invisible routes could be selected via mouse in Drydock Harbor.
- Fixed bug with the Upgrade Truck menu that would sometimes occur when upgrading a module. If you have an upgraded component that doesn't seem to work, try turning it off and on in the Upgrade Truck menu.

Standalone installer updated (0.85b ⇒ 0.90c): 08 June 2020.

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

Standalone installer updated (0.90c ⇒ 0.90d): 10 June 2020.
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Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! [InDev]

Changelog for UPDATE v0.95 NOTES (31 July 2020 / added 04 August 2020):

It's hard to believe that the journey is finally over- the Iron Cook Speedway update is now available with 30 levels in this brand new arena built specifically for speed, combat and deliciousness!

The Iron Cook Speedway is an arena where contestants will race around the track, preparing orders for the judges before pulling into the Judges Tents. Along the way players will race in the combat tunnel, where food truck attacks are common and can happen multiple times in a single race! And with the Iron Cook rules prohibiting protective armor, you'll feel every hit come your way.

The game's mechanics have been overhauled specifically for this event- I wanted to create a fast and unique gameplay style that hasn't been done in the game up to this point, which meant changing the way the game's orders come in and limiting the amount of foods per stop. That, in addition to all of the game's new sound effects and music for this event (and the in-game commentary by @NorthernLionLP and @katelovelymomo ) makes this one of the biggest endings to a game I've ever done. I hope y'all enjoy!

We have some smaller updates planned for the game's 1.0 release coming soon, but I just wanted to say thank you to all the fans and those who have supported us through our first Games in Development release. Without y'all none of this would have been possible, and I am eternally grateful for all of your reviews, feedback and encouragement.

Enjoy the finale, and we'll see you later this summer for the 1.0/console release!!


- Iron Cook Speedway roars into the game with 30 new levels!
- All new commentary by @NorthernlionLP and @katelovelymomo!
- Over 20 additional trinkets!
- Enhanced Rich Presence support for Discord!
- Enhanced subtitle support across all cutscenes!

- The game now displays a message telling you what kind of attack occurred during food truck battles.
- Adjusted hacked visuals for better performance in streams and to help those with sensitive visual issues.
- Fixed some mislabeled serve buttons for a number of foods.
- Changed "Crazy Customers" text to "Angry Customers"
- Credits updated.
- Minor bugs addressed.

Standalone installer updated (0.90d ⇒ 0.95f h1): 04 August 2020.
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Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!

Changelog for Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! v1.0 now available! (14 October 2020):

Finally out of the oven with a massive campaign, local co-op, and tons more!

We did it!! Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! v1.0 is now available on Steam, featuring a massive campaign and tons of new and exciting features for both fans of the series and newcomers alike!

It's been quite a journey with you all, and I just want to thank everyone for all of their support through this year. It's definitely been a difficult one for all of us, but it meant so much to see all of the positive comments and feedback with the game.

While we had planned to also release a Mac version of the game today, we found some last minute bugs with that build specifically and want to take the time to get it right, so we hope to release that before the end of the month.

We're also releasing today on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4!

Below are the small patch notes for v1.00 (a more comprehensive patch was done for v0.99, also included below). Thanks again everyone, and be sure to keep an eye on our Twitter page and Discord for some exciting announcements on our next projects in the future! Also look out for our Twitch and Steam store page streams today and throughout the rest of the month!

= PATCH v1.00 NOTES =
- Fixed lane lights bug that did not reflect the new medal requirement changes.
- Fixed mouse issues with the second page of the cutscenes viewer.
- Other minor fixes.

= PATCH v0.99 NOTES =

- Silver Medals require <8 average/bad (instead of <5)
- Bronze Medals require <15 bad (instead of <8)
- The Max Wieners sniper attack that reduces freshness expiration by 80% has been decreased to 40%
- Special System Analyzer: Lv.1 increased to 7sec (from 5), Lv.2 increased to 14sec (from 10), Lv.3 to 21sec (from 15).
- Heat Lamps: Lv.1 increased to 20% (from 15%), Lv.2 to 40% (from 30%), Lv.3 to 60% (from 45%).

- Two new trinkets added.
- Improved performance for PC/consoles.
- Fixed issue with Discord Rich Presence food statuses.
- Final art added for all "outro" cutscenes.
- Overhauled a large portion of the audio to reduce the memory footprint.
- Redid a lot of texture groups to help reduce memory footprint.
- Fixed a few mislabeled items for foods.
- Fixed rare issue with controller not responding during the Tutorial phase.

Standalone installer updated: 0.95f h1 ⇒ 1.00a.