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Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!

Changelog for v2.60 Update! Balance Changes, Beer/Sopa Improvements and More! (added 29 October 2018):

It's time for another hot fresh delicious update! I wanted to focus on further refining the balance of the game, as well as adding some fun new additions! For too long I have regretted not being able to see delicious sopapillas fresh from the deep fryer, and buddy, that all changes today! Not only that, but I've made pouring beer considerably easier to nail perfectly. Oh, and there's lots of new keyboard improvements as well! Enjoy the update!

* Sopapillas now have an additional prep phase! Now you'll be slathering sopas with delicious honey and powdered sugar, aw yeah.
* You can now bind Holding Station item selection keys! (These were normally fixed to A/B/C/D/E/F.) To do so, go to the Options menu, select Keyboard and select Holding Station Keys... then map them using the HS Button 1-6 option.
* When making custom key binds for foods for the first time, all Holding Station optional foods will now copy any key bind to the Holding Station version, and vice versa. This is so that you don't have to map for both the Prep Station and Holding Station versions of each food. Sushi was especially problematic, so when you boot up the game the custom key binds for the Prep Station version will be copied over to the Holding Station. This means you may need to redo any key binds that have been done for Sushi, but only once.
* Support for AZERTY and DVORAK keyboards added (you can toggle this via Options>Keyboard>Keyboard Type). Please let me know if this functionality works for your keyboard.

* Beer and Craft Beer have been reworked so that it is easier to earn perfect ratings. When you reach the optimal perfect fill, the beer will pour half as fast before it overfills. It's a small window that greatly improves response times for the player. This should also fix the slight change in fill rate when playing local co-op.
* UEIYAV and Executive Decision Shifts 09-16 now have an added side dish, for three side dishes total.
* Esteban's Shift 15 now has an additional side dish, to balance out the new Sopapilla change.

* Fixed crash that could occur when navigating the email menus with a keyboard or gamepad.
* Fixed bug that could occur when rapidly pressing the pour button for beer that could cause the pitcher to never fill up.
* Fixed bug that would cause the trigger guide for controllers to display when playing local co-op Type A (mouse/keyboard).
* Fixed bug after cycling through filters in My Pantry when editing the Cook, Serve, Delicious! menu that would cause a food to be selected when scrolling down with the mouse wheel immediately after.
* Fixed visual bug that would display a -1 for the food name when scrolling in the My Pantry menu.
* Fixed Carbonara spelling for Pasta recipes.
* Fixed a few sounds that were not properly managed with audio volume in the Options menu.
* Changed Mint Choc.Scp. ingredient description to better clarify Milkshake recipes.
* Fixed visual bug that would display controller prompts in the Designer when only using a keyboard.
* Fixed visual bug that would use old controller prompts in the Designer that had not been updated to the more visually nicer prompts.
* Fixed a few minor visual UI errors.
* Updated credits section.
* [Mac] Window now properly centers upon launch.
* [Linux] Some back end issues should be addressed with this build. I realize that controller support may still not be working with some Ubuntu builds and I've submitted a bug report to YoYo Games, hopefully that will get resolved very soon.

* Changed a number of text descriptions and identifiers to pass console certification. Note that most of this is for the console version only, though a few elements have also changed for PC.
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Changelog for Update 2.6.000m1.0 (added 13 December 2018):

Hey y'all! I've got another hot update straight out of the oven for Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! This includes a number of fixes and fan requested features.

If you want more details on our upcoming console launches and news on our latest game announcements, check out our newsletter! Thanks again for the continued support!

* Fixed a crash that occurred for a few users.
* Fixed a rare end of day crash in certain situations.
* Fixed a few overly blurry sprites.
* Fixed issue that was not fading out music properly.

v2.60 m.1.0
* COLEMAK keyboard support added.
* You can now hide the mouse cursor via Options>Mouse/Touch>Mouse Cursor Display.
* A new Import/Export Key Binds feature has been added! You can now export all of your custom keybinds and import them in another save file! To start the process, load the save file you'd like to export the keybinds from and go to Options>Keyboard>Import/Export Key Binds
* You can now reset all keybinds for all foods at once by loading the save you'd like to reset key bindings for and going to Options>Keyboard>Import/Export Key Binds
* The game now has a metrics system that will anonymously send data of your completed levels, failed attempts, and general options to our private servers so that I can see where players are having the most issues and adjust the game accordingly. This only collects data from the game, and uses a random number generator to set an identifier for you upon booting up the game, so absolutely no personal data is collected. If you're curious about metrics and want to learn more on how important they are, check out this PC Gamer article! You can toggle these off/on in the Options>Gameplay menu.

* Fixed bug with incorrect button displays for some menus when using Steam, Nintendo Switch Pro or Joycon controllers.
* Improved visual style for Switch Pro/Joycon buttons.
* Fixed some debug sound effects playing when pressing certain keyboard keys.
* Fixed bug that allowed users to back out of a rebinding menu with the mouse (Options>Keyboard menus), causing UI overlay errors.
* Controller input improved across the board; if you had issues with controllers not being registered, it should be fixed. However Linux issues with the gamepad might still be an issue; I'm currently in talks with the GM Studio devs to try and find a solution as soon as possible.
* Improved title screen assets for better visual fidelity.
Changelog for Update 2.6.000m1.1 (added 01 March 2019):

Hey y'all! I've released yet another update for CSD 2 for Win/Mac/Linux that is a bit different in that it focuses on graphical improvements and performance.

First off, you should see improvements across the board in terms of framerate. I've also improved several graphical assets that were overly blurry in previous updates.

Secondly if you're running an ATI card and have experienced issues when running the game on Ultra settings, try the new option under Graphics called "Alternate Rendering" that renders the game in a cleaner way, which should clear up the artifacting issues. (This is worth toggling on to see if that helps clear up any remaining framerate issues you might have as well).

This also brings the game in sync with the console versions, which lead to some improvements with the engine that resulted in this patch! By the way, did you know the game is available on PS4, and is coming soon to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One? For more details be sure to subscribe to our newsletter!

If you have any issues with this patch, be sure to let me know, and as always you can roll back to the previous update via GOG Galaxy.

Thanks again y'all for all the support! Look for more awesome announcements coming later this year!