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Looks like the computer might have sent someone to do something to the house. I have a bunch of water pooling outside. I've sent the repair man in by moving him there. Then I clicked the manual repair and that's when I get the message that it was repaired but still has water coming in and "maybe this needs several people to solve." I tried to just keep repairing it a few times but that doesn't change the message. Can I do anything or do I have to destroy the house?
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I'm not 100% sure but I think i read somewhere that you need to send more than 1 repair man in carry out the repair when water is leaking. Not sure how many but i'd try sending in 2 repair men at the same time and if that doesn't work then send in 3 at the same time. Hope this helps.
Old post I know but to stop a Mr Fixit leak you need 3 Repairmen inside the house and make sure you turn off auto otherwise they'll just rip on out to the next place immediately