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With a MASSIVE list of things you have to keep track of and time-consuming ways to verify them, Constructor is as unforgiving as real life (except that IRL they don't bury you alive if you fail to build a park... I hope). Time-dependent unit production frequency means that you have to constantly monitor the spawn rate (and everything that it depends on), the process itself (to switch between unit production and money earning, for example) and the outcome (because trying to break the unit cap will get you both instantly and constantly penalized). At the same time, you have to an eye out for your resources and replenish them if need be, erect different types of structures, use owned special units to your advantage, repopulate vacant houses, manage repairs of all the buildings, fend of enemy attacks, furnish houses and gardens, adjust the rent both globally and locally, deal with complaints from the tenants and quickly finish the objectives given to you by the Council.
A single mistake or failure to plan ahead can lead to a more or less abrupt game over, even on the easiest difficulty with just one enemy to take care of.
So why, exactly, do I like this game ? Well - while it IS challenging, it can be rewarding when (rarely ;P) things go well. Also - the omnipresent humor doesn't get old fast - while you can get used to the all the different messages and unit responses, the least they do is bring a smile to your face once you can afford to notice them. Also - much of the difficulty stems from the fact that the AI cheats all the time (it doesn't really pursue goals, it's simply there to annoy you). This means (as weird as it may sound) that playing agains a real person can actually be SIMPLER. Because of that - if you want a much more relaxed experience - either try playing alone (without the AI) or compete against other players, if you're lucky enough to arrange it.