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Plokite_Wolf: Actually, the catch seems to be that you have to rename "comandos.exe" (with one "m") to "commandos.exe" (with two "m"-s) for some reason. I heard Windows 10 automatically deploys some compatibility changes to games it recognizes, so it might be an error on MS' part.
This works for me, thanks! This could be easily fixed by GOG team. Wonder why they seems to hate the Commandos series :(

EI_Scorpio: Hi, in my case it works only if I launch game directly from folder. It won"t work via Galaxy, which kind of sucks.
Yes, you can run it through Galaxy. Several methods must be available. The easiest way would be to tell Galaxy to run "commandos.exe" instead of "comandos". Just:
1. Open with notepad. (It is located in the game root patch)
2. Replace "Comandos.exe" for "Commandos.exe" in line 13.
NOTE: You may need to close / reopen Galaxy for this fix to work in case you did this while the program was open.