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I bought the GOG version of CMBB (I'm a new comer to the Combat Mission games) and one of the first thing I tried to do was to find some mods to improve a lttle the graphic aspect of this game - not for "eye candy" alone, but also for "clearness" reasons.

To keep this post short, here are some suggestions for new comers like me.

Were to find mods for CMBB:
Wargame Scenario Depot on
The download list of mods

Now, there are TONS of mods and sorting and exploring through them requires time.

So, I post a minimal list of MODS that I have inserted in my CMBB and that made the game substantially better for me (I was interested to get a "clearer" visual apparence of the battlefield, above all else:

So this list only changes the skybox, the UI of the game, the terrain rendition adding a "grid" style (very useful to perceive the terrain elvation), nicer trees in the game and nicer "building rubble" with a more 3D-feel to it.

I have not (yet) touched anything else, the aim of this small mod list is to help newcomers to CMBB like myself to get a better experience relatively quickly without a big time investments.
Hope it helps.
Thanks for making this post. I'm new to Combat Mission and this was really helpful. I like your minimal modlist. Only suggestions I have are to add and to choose between or since they change the same files. I also used JSGME as a mod manager so I wouldn't have to change the game files. Cheers.