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It looks like the QOL update was moved out of beta on 12/21 (per steam: Was it going to be pushed out to GOG anytime soon?
We had some problems uploading it but now it's live.
Post edited December 23, 2023 by IronTowerStudio
IronTowerStudio: We had some problems uploading it but now it's live.
Thank you
Think a lot for this patch !

And i have two questions about it :
- i have been playing the game for 3 weeks and i am arrived at "the heart" now but i am suprised that some people don't have a portrait during conversation : is it normal ? (bug maybe from this patch ?)
- i want to fire some members of my team to simplify certain passage in "sneaky mode" but i no longer see the cross appear in the caracter or inventory panel : is there any specific condition to dismiss them or is it a bug since this patch ?

Thank you for your help :)
Not every character has a portrait. If I recall correctly, only the Great Mother, two of her Daughters, and the Consecrator have portraits. Probably one of the engineers too.

You can dismiss the party members only in certain locations. Judging by your progress, you can dismiss them in the Armory as it's now your base of operations.