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If you want to play the beta, switch to the Public Testing branch. If not, wait for the new content to be added to the default branch, probably in a week or ten days.

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In Chapter 3 go the door with the retinal scanner (in Mission Control ruins) and talk to Shadow. If you have the Eye, you'll be able to open it. If not, Shadow will offer an alternative.

Once inside, interact with a maintenance station to call Romeo (only if the robot is fully fixed). The rest you can figure out on your own.



- Grenades preview now show enemy resistances (or potential effects in the case of pulse/stasis).
- Added tutorial tooltips on meds, gadget parts, broken implants and tokens.
- Added text reminders when a new feat is available or tags have not been assigned (goes away when you enter the character screen).
- When a character joins your party for the first time, a reminder appears to check your specialist assignments.
- Improved visuals of the save-load screen.


- Tweaked the layout of Depot A2 in the armory, new endgame loot added.
- Expanded the vault in Mission Control's fifth floor (still missing proper loot).
- Added Jimmy's quest in Mission Control.



Rebalanced implant extraction, to avoid issues with the economy from harvesting many implants, and to make biotech growth depend more on non-combat actions.

- You can no longer extract "ready to use" implants from enemies, you need to fix them first. Skill check is lower, but failing creates scrap.
- Fixing an implant now uses Biotech and 3 modules.
- Implants from mummified bodies can be extracted "ready to use" with high enough skill, rewards more LP.
- Added more opportunities to extract implants from old bodies.
- Added extraction of implant upgrades in armory, mission control, factory and maintenance levels.
- Added new implant upgrades:

Datajack: Neural Shield: Neural Resistance +10
Heart: Painkiller: Regen +1
Armor: Heat Absorber: Energy DR +2
Spine: Machine Gunner: Recoil Control +4
Motor: Assault Trooper: Movement AP +2
Motor: Combat Reflexes: Evasion +3
Motor: Rapid Response: Initiative +6

These are not mutually exclusive, you can build up your characters implants with them.


- Precise Strike: Melee: Aimed Attacks -1 AP Cost, Critical Chance +6%, Non-Regular Attacks Accuracy +12
- True Grit: Ballistic Resistance +2 (from +1), Evasion +6 (from +12), Reaction +12 (unchanged).
- Third Daughter: Lowered to 25% skill gain.


- Reduced LP requirements for levels, especially the late ones (works retroactively).
- Increased LP gain from training to 100 (from 80) and tokens to 200 (from 160).
- Adjusted LP gain from non-combat interactions, giving a minor increase for harder checks (not retroactive).
- Implemented more instances of dichotomy bonuses (higher skill gain when choosing one skill over another).
- Removed "free" tokens from hydro and mission control, but added a new token machine you can fix.
- Harbinger and Knurl: Adjusted starting skills (Harbinger's have been generally lowered).


- Added more heavy armor throughout the game.
- Started work on balancing loot progression.


- Weapon slot now becomes active after throwing a grenade.
- Stats are now regenerated before HP (heart implant stat regen will trigger more often).
- Stats now regenerate in this order: DEXTERITY - PERCEPTION - STRENGTH - CONSTITUTION.
- Damage to the energy vest capped at 10.


- Turrets: Lowered initiative, created variations for energy turrets (shielded but slower, unshielded but faster).
- Ballistic turrets: Gained 2 Natural DR.
- Energy turret: Removed extra penetration on critical, increased min damage by 1. Increased shield to 50.
- Desert Spitter: Poison and blindness effect increased to tier 2 (from tier 1).
- Droids stats heavily tweaked to adjust for new mechanics for Romeo.
- Creeper: Leech is capped by damage (won't leech more than it damages) or 6 HP max (before it did 6 HP no matter the damage).
- Creeper: Penetration reduced to 75 (from 80).
- Adjusted stats of creeper in CH1, it got buffed too much from hydroponics changes.


- Fixed issue with hydro tower shaft not highlighting.
- Party members now don't detect cloaking companions.
- Fixed "disabled when empty" containers still being highlighted.
- Fixed lack of implants upgrades effect on the item tooltip.
- Fixed typos.
Hi Devs,

When is the Machine update coming to GOG?
It's already on GOG on the beta branch (we release updates on Steam and GOG on the same day). So if you see something on Steam, it's already on GOG.