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On episode three, when Cordelia picks up something, she tends to do it again, and again, and again... The first time (with the pendant), I managed to break it up by having her interact with something else, but the second time, when she picks up the legal papers on the table, she simply won't stop. The only way to get out of the loop is killing the game with ctrl-alt-del. Impossible to get any further on the game, since this passage is mandatory. It's simply a game breaker.
OK, I managed to bypass it, by interacting with another object (simply clicking to walk away doesn't work, you have to click on an interactive item.) Or maybe it was blind chance?

I like those games, and I don't care about the loose police procedure (It's a point and click game with psychic powers, so penal procedure manuals isn't precisely the point of the game) or the graphic glitches, but those "infinite loop" and "frozen map" bugs are quite irritating.