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Hi guys,

We have uploaded 4 Universal updates, one for each episode, and 4 new Mac installers for all 4 episodes. Please check your game shelves and download the Universal updates and installers, at your convenience, opf course :)


Fixed various potentially game-crashing errors.
Fixed some positioning, mounting, and navigation visual issues.
Updated all episodes to use current code optimizations.

Thanks and have a nice day :)
jeronimol: Its possible to put all episodes in one socket of the games shelve? One episode and the rest of the 3 episodes like dlc? Like shadowrun.

i dont like to see the each episode like a unique game.

and thanks for this update
Actually, you get all 4 episodes at once and now you don't have to worry about this old update as we have the Game of the Year Edition installers available :)

edit: each episode's installer works on its own, IIRC, so it's not like Episode 1 is the main game and the rest are DLC :)
Post edited July 31, 2014 by JudasIscariot