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In Close Combat 2: A Bridge Too Far when playing a campaign, each sector starts with a bunch of units given to the player and there is an opportunity to spend points to buy additional units. I noticed that the units I am given for free at the start seem to vary randomly. Sometimes I start a campaign and get only a few units, and next time I start the same campaign with same settings I might be given a lot of units.

I have attached a couple screenshots to illustrate. Both screenshots are from the first operation of the Eindhoven Sector Campaign as selected from the start screen of the game. Both are with the same settings, on Hero difficulty. You can see once I was given three rifle teams and three BAR teams. Next time I played, I was given three BAR teams and a mortar. Is this intentional or a bug? The difficulty of these starting missions varies greatly depending on how many and what combination of units I get. The same behaviour happens in the Grand Campaign. However, if I play individual operations (i.e. I select the Son Town operation from the starting menu), then I get the same units every time.
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My understanding is that this randomisation is by design.
I guess it is by design, as the same goes for your adversary. Sometimes you might notice the opponent having other set of armaments (e.g. one heavy machine gun rather than two), which can change gameplay significantly (especially capturing Arnhem Rail Bridge might either get way more difficult or easier, respectively).