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cheers jballhgg, good idea re: the event log/dump. It might yield something and I'll give it a go; but equally it might just tell me there is something wrong with the game complie that I can't fix myself anyway!!

Interestingly, I played on the bus this morning (offline during play time, and letting cloud sync catch up when I got to work) and I have three back-to-back no-problem saves!

The clues (relevant or otherwise) continue to stack!

If I use DXWND to run the game - will I lose the gametime tracking on GoG? I had to play a couple of other games via external launchers in the past and I'm sure it means they sit in my library with like "2 mins" of game time

Not a big issue, but I do love my stats (makes me feel like I got my value for money on that £4 download :D )
Dxwnd does allow me to alt+tab in and out... but does not stop the random crashing on "Continue"...

Just had one battle go fine, and the second caused it to crash out again and close.

Thank you though.
I experienced the crashing issue, for about a year, using the original retail game CD install under Windows 10. I started to believe I'd never get to play a reliable operation or campaign again. Then suddenly (a few years ago now) it started to work reliably again and has done ever since. I didn't uninstall/reinstall the game or Windows - the only changes to my system were Windows updates. So, I most certainly agree with jballhgg that this isn't a permissions issue, rather the issue is an application/Windows issue. Fortunately, for me, it's working but I don't have the GOG version to see if that works as well or not.

Great advice by jballhgg regarding the error logs. I'm looking forward to see if there is something there that sheds light on this problem.
Yes, I've had this error myself but since reinstalled the game this year, it completely disappeared and I cannot reproduce it. You should definitely try the error log, it won't be easy though, as it's an old game and the error messages will be cryptic. Sometimes you get at least an error code that'll tell you the error category such as file read/write permissions or memory errors.

An easy method is to try the procdump tool:

Open a new command prompt window, then start it like so:

procdump.exe -e 1 -f " " -x . "C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Close Combat 2\cc2.exe"

The procdump tool will start the game, monitor it for errors and if any occur, it'll output them to the command prompt. An example would be "Exception: C0000005.ACCESS_VIOLATION".

Hower, this is only helpful if the game generates an exception. This isn't always the case. For example, the Alt+Tab "crash" isn't really a crash, it's just the game displaying a message box and quitting. In that case, it would output nothing, because no error has been propagated to the operating system.
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Alos been having this problem on Windows 10, but possibly found a solution for now.

Try unchecking the Cloud Saves in Settings on GOG for just this game. I have been able to start and continue three different campaigns so far in my test. Maybe this will help some of you as well.
I followed these two tips on the support page and now it seems to be working.

Disabling Windows 10 Game DVR
Deactivating Game Mode on Windows 10 with Creators update

I'll start a campaign and will report back how it goes.

It crashed on the first scenario.
But then the second time I started the saved campaign I could replay the first scenario with the same set-up.
And then save and start the second sceanrio and finish and save it without a crash.

Note 2:
Third scenario crashes but can then be played again when restarted.

Note 3:
By giving up immediately I can sometimes go thru many scenarios and save. Then out of the blue it will crash.
So the above fixes some things but there is more probably.
Turning of browsers was one I added.

Not 4:
Added restart and admin authority.
Looks stable until the Nijmegen sceanrio at the end of Day2 where it crashes.
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I had the same problem with this game in Windows 10, these Compatibility settings fixed it for me:

Right-click the launch icon > Properties > Compatibility -tab:

- Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows 95
- Reduced color mode: 8-bit (256) color
- Run in 640 x 480 screen resolution
- Disable fullscreen optimizations
- Run this program as an administrator

> Apply

Hope this works for you, it's an awesome game still. :)
I just bought this game and running it on latest version of windows 10 and all updated and tried the work arounds suggested on here but crashes to black screen every time on continue at end of first campain.
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To be clear: this is the crash right? because it's what I get.
Can't seem to get it working with the current Windows 10 version.
Have tried all the above, nothing prevents it from crashing after the first or missions later in the campaign.

Anyone with advice, or have it working on windows 10 right now?

sharah: To be clear: this is the crash right? because it's what I get.
No, that's not the crash that is discussed here.