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Would be nice if this game and the other CC games got a real update in terms of graphics, game is locked in 1024x and it can be very hard to see alive units atop of dead ones etc and even enemy units can get lost in that mess. Also panning the battlefield when zoomed in isn't very good as it seems to lock into large grids rather than you being able to pan view to a specific building or what not.

I guess this might happen with the most popular CC classic game if there is a demand for an HD version. I havent played these before and i have Panthers in the Fog which is newer, but bounced off it as it was too hard, but perhaps i was trying to play it like COH2. I will give it another go. But im not sure if the morale system (like in Bridge too Far) is in Panthers in the Fog or other newer CC games?
Enhanced versions and rehashes of the Close Combat games are published by Matrix Games for years now. With Close Combat III Cross of Iron edition being released early 2007. I played some of them, but generally stick to the original Close Combat III as the best base for this game, and ported CC2 and other maps to there, as well as West Front units. This kinda illustrates that all the rehashes are not that impressive. Not saying they are worthless or not fun, they probably are fun. But they don't have that much over the original 1999 release of Close Combat III. For soldier behaviour I actually prefer the original 1999 Close Combat III.
( What Close Combat III lacks is the Strategic Map, which all the later titles have. Close Combat III sticks to linear operations and campaigns. May be matter of taste and free time )

So that is it for 10 years. There is a 3D version of Close Combat in development, but really: don't hold your breath.
Combat Mission from Battlefront may be a comparable game, which has seen much more progress over the years. I fully approve of it, it is probably the best of such a Simulation out there, but Close Combat just plays more relaxed, with less clicking and camera adjustments.
Strange, I have the cd versions of cc3 and cc5 and I can run them in 1080p from the in game options. Wonder what is going on, as would like to buy no cd versions but not if it's locked in low res.