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Sure it is dated and AI isn't perfect but damn it is fun and tense to play. In other Horror games headshots count but in Undying IT REALLY MATTERS. The feeling of grabbing a oneshot kill with the pistol is very gratifying. And for some reason I love the slow reload(crazy I know) but it real builds the tension for me. Trapped in a corner while this ugly creature is looking to rip my head off and im try to load my double barrel shotgun and just as I raise the gun he jumps claws raised I turn back into a 15 years old again and scream old liners to the screen "Eat buckshot you demonic F#%K" For Me this game is more fun than many current games
I hear ya

The weapon mechanics in this game does a great job of reminding you that you are not a one man army and charging into a room full of enemies is a sure fire way to get yourself killed. Most of the weapons were useful and got better when paired with spells so it's not like you were weak. The pistol / shield combo was godly, shottie / skull storm was great for tough enemies (skull storm to soften them up, shottie if they closed in), speargun / lightning nuff said, stone / ectoplasm great for howlers while saving ammo.

The AI may be bad but IMO, the scripted events more than makes up for it. How many times did howlers get the jump on you cos you didn't check the ceiling? Or how about the howlers running along the top of a derelict building, you wait for them to attack but it never comes? Or how about the part before facing Lizbeth where you are finding your way through a crypt, the candles go out and skeletons rise from the bone piles? Seriously, I could go on.

Shame this game didn't get the attention it deserves
This is truly a great game. It hasn't aged too well in the graphics department, but it is Unreal 1 engine based so you can't hold too much against it. It is still fun and spooky. I would love to see a HD remake, either official or fanmade one day.
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I'd really like to see a sequel... The ending left it open for one.
Yeah, a sequel would be nice.
The game is awesome. No doubt about that. Story, setting and a lengthy quest really do it for me. I have beaten the game several times now and I'm still playing it now and again.

A sequel would be nice but since this game got the award "Best game nobody played" from various sites it is highly unlikely. Heck, they even ditched a multiplayer mode for the game (which I personally congratulate them for, screw MP in a game like this). A remake/remaster would be much better IMO.
A remasterized version of it would be sweet, sequel would be garbage.
Totally agree, a sequel would be the bee's knees. I found this game by accident years ago and was really impressed by the non-linear design and atmosphere. The weapons are great too (especially the scythe).

If I remember correctly, EA really screwed this game over in terms of marketing when it first came out, which is why it is mostly unheard of. It deserved so much more attention than it got.
Very good game I missed first tme around
SOme people blast it as overrated, but I note most of them seem to have expected a standard First Person Shooter with a horror background like "BLood".
Undying is reallly a Horror Survival game that happens to use the mechanics of a First Person SHooter. Huge difference.