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H3X3N666: I get this effect using either your solution or the dgVoodoo wrapper solution.
Don't know if this'll help, but I had no luck running this game until I changed "UseDirectSound=" in System.ini from True to False. That's what solved it for me.
For some reason my game doesn't quite seem to be full screen. There's a very thin white line on the left and at the top... almost like the screen has been shifted down and to the right by a fraction.
I replayed the game with the patch and although it is useful (I appreciated things like widescreen support, bigger fonts etc.) the graphics looks even with it very obsolete by today's standards and it is just ugly on the big screen TV. I still had feeling like I need new glasses when playing the game. Some of the current textures are so low-res that they look rather like an unfinished placeholder.
Post edited January 20, 2021 by J234