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Hey guys, i changed the resolution in the nglider to my native 1920 1080, im not sure if thats whats causing it but using a weapon or going through doors i will have white lines outlining my screens borders, like someone traced around the frame. any ideas what that might be? thanks alot
I have the same problem (When I do a right click with the Gel'ziabar stone equipped, or when a phantom appears).

I press "Alt + enter" to go into windowed mode, then a second time to return in full screen, and the lines disappear.
If someone has a better solution i'am interested.
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I don't have any solution, but I found that a quick save can get rid of this outline. Better than nothing I guess...
Are you using nGlide? I'm having the same issue.

I think the issue doesn't happen with Direct3D.
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Going to the pause menu seems to be enough to fix it for me...
All I could find out is that it seems to be related to the graphics card. When I changed from my Nvidia main card to the internal Intel HD, it stopped (but performance is terrible).
I managed to fix this problem with the new Widescreen Patch for Undying (uses dgVoodoo). Instructions are [ here].