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Win7SP1 Pro 64 bit / Net 4.7.2 and older. Game Version 1.2.9

- Black Screen on and after Loading
After starting the EXE, Game starts loading, shows the Logos, then screen keeps black, only the Mousecursor is visible.
Loading ends, still black screen.
After version Number shows up, clicking on the black screen opens the main sreen + menue.

- Ending/Quitting the Game makes the Game hang/unresponsible instead of properly exiting to desktop.
Only possible solution to start Taskmanager and kill the process.

- Description of Full Conquest Mode is prematurely ending.

Unwanted Behaviour

Game opens Connections to different domains w/o user consent nor notifying (started w/o launcher)

- * adresses (transfer of some collected analytics)*

* funny thing: under the location where the games puts its saves (Appdata/locallow/CircleEmpires/) theres a configuration file for the analytics.
one of the settings are ""player_opted_out":false" ... only weird thing is, that the "player" never got asked if,that, and how he can opt-out in the first place.
"{"prefs":{},"analytics":{"enabled":false},"connect":{"limit_user_tracking":true,"player_opted_out":true,"enab led":false},"performance":{"enabled":false}}"

seems to stop the collecting, connectiosn are open nevertheless, unless its blocked by fw and no systemproxy gaps it.

the (most likely unwanted) analytics seems to be rather an unity fault than the developers. After engine update, some unity versions seem to enforce that w/o the ability to switch that off as far from what ve found about it.
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